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  1. i used a walk behind this year. Rented from Home Depot for 4 hours. The thing was like riding a bucking bronco. Hopefully the results will be appreciable.check out your local ads, paper, flyer etc. Cost about $70 to rent an aerator around here and do it myself. Hired a guy with his own who is doing it for $50.
  2. I wouldn't roll your lawn unless it was lumpy due to a mole problem or something. It just compacts your soil which is bad for your lawn.Every time I've aerated, the clumps break up on their own. yeah - they do break up, but this helped distribute the broken up soil to create a lump free surface and fill in the low spots. Dont think I could get my mower fast enough to be effective at this though.Interesting on the rolling - didnt think of that. I guess I should just continue to top dress the low spots..
  3. anyone use a lawn roller. Ours is pretty lumpy - wondering how much this may help? Used to work on a golf course and after aeration we'd whip around a golf cart with a drag mat on the back http://www.globalspec.com/NpaPics/71/11201..._ExhibitPic.jpg it would break up the cores and "top dress" to help fill in any unevenness.
  4. Thats a nice letter. Even better then the $5K in her pocket.
  5. If you have a grub problem then yes.
  6. very well done! any profs walk in on the school girl shoot?
  7. I think Lucy is the tougher competition for your girl - so I voted Chelsea
  8. How about some more from this set. This would clinch the FBG vote. http://7.media.collegehumor.com/collegehum...399470286eb.jpg
  9. I took some more pictures this past weekend. I'll post some previews later.Not helping your vote count here with this delay...
  10. Worth reading?The other one I read by this auther, called something along the lines of "Dad's Guide to the First Year" was very good. This toddler one was meh.Read that one too - thought it was alright. Library has this one so maybe Ill take a peek.
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