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  1. Made it to Pensacola from DC with no problems. First gas station only had premium. Could have went elsewhere but I didn’t want to mess with it. Haven’t gotten around Pensacola much yet but did not see any long lines driving to hotel.
  2. Topped off at BJ’s gas station in Woodbridge this morning. Researched last night and Loves Truck stops are doing pretty good thus far because they are getting deliveries from another source. Will check again this afternoon before I leave. Gonna go and start looking for gas stations at half tank the whole trip. Try and target the Loves if we can. I talked to an Exxon gas station owner this morning. She said we would be back to normal by this weekend if everyone was not hoarding the gas.
  3. We were supposed to leave tomorrow to see my son walk for his college graduation. Would be traveling from DC to Pensacola, FL, via Chattanooga, TN. Concerned about getting stranded somewhere between DC and Pensacola. Looking at flights and they are close to being out of our budget. Not sure what to do.
  4. I have tended to see things through the Orange and a Brown glasses when it has come to the previous drafts (accept Johnny!). These last two seasons are on a completely different level than I have ever seen in my lifetime (50). Love what AB and team are doing!
  5. Were you giddy with the Brady Q pick? Justin Gilbert? Johnny M?
  6. This is the pick that I’ve been waiting for.... is it really going to be Jones?
  7. Would not matter where the draft was held, Roger is getting booed.
  8. I’ve been to SAW’s twice and agree - outstanding! We make it a point to stop if we are going through Birmingham.
  9. I don’t know betting and odds... how much do you win if he pulls it out?
  10. My parents grew up in Arkansas. My dad started going to McClard’s BBQ when he was a little boy in the late 1930’s. Our visits to Arkansas over the years always required a couple of stops at McClard’s. I’ve been going since the 1970’s and have been taking my boys since the late 1990’s. I think it’s great but a lot of nostalgia in it for me. http://www.mcclards.com/
  11. When I first got started in the grown up world I moved to New Hampshire for a job back in 1994. I worked for a short time with a girl that went to high school with Sandler. Said he was funny but not overly loud or out there - laid back as you said. Not super popular.
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