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  1. Anesthesiologist? Is that a medical school thing? As hard of a program you were trying to get into?
  2. I used to live about 20 minutes from Clarion. The locals will have nothing to do with this big change!
  3. What type of $ do you think you have in for the whole set?
  4. So you have had two battery powered mowers? What was their life span? Did you get the second one because the first one died?
  5. Northern Virginia. What does the company do for you? Just cut the grass? How often? How much?
  6. 10 years is impressive to me. Did not think they would last that long.
  7. I don’t know about accessories yet. I may look at the price of mower and the accessories and then see how much it will cost to have a company cut the grass and maintain the yard.
  8. I could not find a thread on this, link if you know of one. Potentially buying a house with a small yard, small enough I think it would make sense to get a battery powered mower and avoid the gas cans, getting gas, etc. Looking for some education and direction or suggestions on brands. Lot is about 1/4 acre and maybe a 1/3 of it has grass. It might take me 15 minutes to push mow it. Thanks in advance!
  9. To quote one of our college football posters who has been missing today….obviously Bama has been a poser! Seriously, great win A&M!
  10. I wouldn’t let the possibility of her losing her job keep you from saying something. They are probably under staffed and if this was a first offense, they will give her a warning or speak with her. If this type of thing is a pattern, they may deal with it differently. I typically never complain. One of the few times I did was when my wife was in the hospital and had a crappy doctor deal with her once. The higher ups heard about that one and from what I understand he had been warned before. ETA - You could also add that the nurse was great other than that incident. List the positives of the stay as well.
  11. I can’t get my phone to link the video for some reason, but it’s a good one!
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