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  1. Just saw this posted somewhere else and came over here to see if there were any other details. Single car accident at 7AM, major damage to vehicle, transported to hospital with injuries.
  2. Will check it out. Any specific recommendations?
  3. Will take that into consideration. My July dates are from mid July till the end of the month. Good then?
  4. Anyone want to offer some suggestions or recommendations on accommodations, restaurants or must do’s? I would appreciate it! It will be my wife and I. We are YOUNG 50 and 48 year olds. We would like to be near the beach without breaking the bank ($1500ish for the week). We will eat out quite a bit but would like a kitchen / kitchenette to cook some of our meals. We can make it happen sometime in June or July. Edit to ask this: Any difference being right on the Atlantic versus inside on the Bay? Thanks!
  5. This is your answer. Drive the extra 18 minutes to a place where there is good customer service..... write a negative google review on the Kroger “butcher” and push business to the more local grocery store that is willing to work with you.
  6. I am from the Cleveland area. Moved to Gahanna in 2010 with my wife and kids. Lived there for nine years and really liked Gahanna. Job moved me and the wife (kids are out of the house now) to northern Virginia. I’m about 24 miles from my house to the White House now.
  7. I lived in Gahanna which is directly east of Dublin on the other side of Cbus. Dublin is a top 3 suburb in Cbus. Jack Nicklaus has his country club in Dublin. Very nice area!!
  8. Any word/rumors who is in this coaching staff he has been assembling for two weeks?
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