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  1. Please update what you decide and how it goes! Sounds like a great trip!
  2. If it’s any condolences to you, my first live Ohio State game, about 1990, was against the Illini and they came into Cbus and beat my Buckeyes pretty handily. Edit: I went and looked it up. It was 1990, but I noticed Illinois beat us from 1988-1992.
  3. I agree. Day has to handle this just right but is on a razor thin line. If you can roll with Stroud and let him figure this out tonight and come through with a win, you set the young fella up for a great year. If you roll with him and he continues to sputter, you mayblose a game that you should have won, it hurts the team and hurts the confidence of your qb. If you make the change to another qb, Stroud may not recover.
  4. Thank you for your honesty! I voted for Trump although I do not care for his style. He’s arrogant but he does things done. I’m curious did you vote for Biden because: 1. You liked Biden 2. Party vote 3. You disliked Trump and would have voted for whoever could get him out
  5. I have my doubts this is actually true. Regardless, I believe the world see’s America as a weak nation right now. https://ifunny.co/picture/cartoon-in-chinese-media-jimmy-crisp-this-was-in-the-XCsLDAms8
  6. Any of the credit/debit cards from a local bank? I found a wallet several years ago and looked up the address which was on the other side of town. I decided to take it to the bank. They looked up his info and called him while I was there. He thanked me and they held it for him.
  7. Maybe at the moment. As I said in the earlier post, there are signs he is about to screw the economy up as well.
  8. I would say it is tied to his awful leadership and his awful policy. He was promoting the largest tax increase since the 1960’s. Exactly what we need right now!
  9. If we survive these four years. The economy is already showing signs that it going to be as much of a debacle as they have made in Afghanistan.
  10. This has been the plan since the primaries. They are waiting for the right moment. They probably think it’s too early to play this card but it’s coming!
  11. I looked some yesterday on YouTube but didn’t find anything. Has anyone seen or read any interviews on Biko? I would be curious if her truly never did catch any meat besides the minnow he found on the shore. I hope the Alone crew in the future picks a spot that allows the contestants to use their skills. I can admire Biko for sticking it out as long as he did, but he showed very little skills and was not enjoyable to watch unless you like his singing schtick.
  12. The thread I am referencing on the other site is booming! There are a bunch of dudes that have bought in over there!
  13. I’m reading a forum of my favorite football team and there is on OT topic on Oak Island. I have to read it and here is the opening comment. Take it for what it’s worth. The thread started early this morning. “For anyone that watches the History Channel show Curse Of Oak Island… my nephew works for Choice Sonic Drilling that does lots of the drilling work on the island. Supposedly they finally hit big on something a few days ago.. They haven’t even announced a Season 9 is upcoming, but obviously it is and apparently they finally got the big find or finds they have been working towards.”
  14. Ok, I guess that could happen. It might be how it was presented. Have the relative come spend the night with her.
  15. Another thought I had. Can she go and stay with a grandparent or an uncle and aunt while you all are sick? Allow her to do something special and fun? Try to take her mind of what is going on at home.
  16. I always tried to give “rules with reason” which you have (Covid) but there were times I just had to say, “because I said so”. I would give her the reason, assure her you both love her, it’s for her best and gut it out. It’s a hard lesson to learn at 7 but you really have no other choices with the Covid. Perhaps a monitor in the room to talk with her? FaceTime before bed and some times throughout the day? Maybe something like that would help?
  17. An example of Biko’s ridiculousness. His gill net is about 2’ x 3’ and he puts it in 2’ deep water and is shocked it has not caught anything. Think about what they have shown of him: “forging” a knife, his awful singing, his “garden” of replanting mushrooms or something, pushing a bone through his nose, swimming across the bay to another island and spending 20 minutes there and declaring there is no hunting there, his awful shelter. If he wins, I won’t watch Alone until next season! I wish fake accent girl could have gotten her clothesline net to work. Seemed like a great idea and considering she almost died trying to do it, it’s a shame we couldn’t see it work. She drives me nuts, but I think she’s pretty smart! After all of her effort digging out her shelter, I wonder if it has really produced the warmer shelter she was striving for? I like Clay’s recent moving of his gill net off of that big rock. I think that will produce some fish.
  18. I think he’s a little loose with some of his decisions (tracking a grizzly, mountain lion) but I like clay. He built a great shelter. He has hunted. He’s fishing, although not as successful as Colter, he’s done it without a boat (which I think is to dangerous!!!). Biko’s strategy was to gain weight before he arrived. Has he gotten any fish (besides the minnow) or meat yet? Even Fake Accent girl has done much better with getting food. I really do not want Biko to win because he has shown the least amount of skills. I would love to see Clay, Roland (season 7 winner) and Jordan (season 6 winner) compete against each other.
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