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  1. I have Laird in over Scott in a .5ppr as my RB2. I’m trying to decide between Scott and Cohen in that league as my flex.
  2. I'd go Ekeler. Plus you'd have skin in the morning game. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/771640-with-gronk-out-which-random-te/
  3. Even if Allen is on the field the whole game, I can't bring myself to think he's the best dart to throw. My ww options are O'Leary, Watson and Gates (in Londontown in an hour).
  4. Gronk owner here, with no back up plan. Which of these darts should I throw?
  5. My league punishes missed kicks pretty severely. Fortunately, I would have lost my game even if Crosby made all his kicks. I just would have lost by 10 points, not 31. ? I’ll start no kicker in week 6 before I start Crosby
  6. Just traded for him in a 12 team, keep 5 players, 0.5ppr. Gave my first rounders the next two years, which will both be late in the round. I understand the negativity on LF. Just trying to make a run, got a team that needs a push over the top, and I hope he’s it.
  7. I have a team built to make a run (12 team, keep 5 players, 0.5 ppr) and I have been considering buying low on Fournette. But after hanging out in the Fournette thread for a while, I feel like that's a crazy idea. It's super depressing over there. Does everyone view him as damaged goods with low probability of playing (and playing well) the second half of the season?
  8. If gronk misses time, can only help the quality and volume of Edelman targets. If I start him, it would be at flex over lynch. Not sure about that.
  9. In addition, Hunt doesn’t seem to be tackled for a loss much, which keeps the offense in good down&distance, and on the field. Sure, Hunt’s been off the field when it’s clear the Chiefs want to pass (a lot), but Ware isn’t getting a ton of touches in those situations. Hunt is a key piece for this offense and it will mean good, steady stats ROS.
  10. Playing him over Stafford again. I feel like I’m at a craps table.
  11. Torrey Smith isn’t looking good at all. He can be replaced.
  12. Chubb botched a blocking assignment on special teams that led to the Jets blocking a punt. Probably doesn’t help get him on the field blocking for a rookie qb any time soon.
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