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  1. After manually updating to beta and beta 2, i got an ota update to beta 3.
  2. Personally, I have way more than that all on one ID. I wouldn't ever want to split IDs because you pay more, i.e. every app that you want on both IDs you pay for twice. That said, if your wife just wants music and her apps are all free/no one else uses then having two IDs might be worth the pain (can't get rid of the wife ).Also, if you aren't as familiar, I think you could solve this easily. When you setup her iPhone, you probably didn't realize you have it setup to sync new stuff automatically. This would mean that everything anyone downloads on their device using that ID is added to her iPhone automatically on sync (or even downloaded via the cloud). On iTunes when you sync the iPhone and you are on the Apps tab, make sure the "Automatically sync new apps" option is unchecked. Once you do that anything done on the iPad will not affect her iPhone. If you do that, I think your wife will be cool and you will be happier knowing you don't have to load music/apps/movies onto two different IDs, which I think means two different iTunes instances. Not sure on the last part, maybe iTunes is much better for multiple IDs now, but I kept admonishing my wife for installing iTunes on her laptop with another ID and finally got her to realize that I will handle her syncing, etc. She just downloads new music/apps on her iPhone directly and I sync her iPhone occasionally to back it up and change movies if she is travelling. How do you keep your text messages from showing up on you're wife's device? You can check and uncheck which numbers each device uses to receive/send messages
  3. One thing I hope they change is the volume of the voice on maps. I have it on the loudest setting and its still much quieter than the music when connected via bluetooth to my auto's audio system.
  4. Yeah, the green in the messaging app is kind of annoying. Hope they add the ability to change colors.
  5. I've had very few issues. Yeah, an app crashes from time to time and a button here and there doesn't work exactly like it should. But on my iPhone 5 it seeme to be very stable for an early beta.
  6. Takes me to the first unread post every time.
  7. I'm not actually having that problem, but my "Top" button at the bottom of threads won't work.
  8. Anyone know when the iPad version will be available?
  9. Like the improvements to the photo app a lot. Nice auto sorting/grouping feature.
  10. Liking Safari. Interface for multiple pages is pretty nice, and I like seeing the tabs I have opened on my iPad and iMac.
  11. I didn't set anything up as new and the update worked fine for me.
  12. Yeah, I was already at 6.1.4, so I didn't do anything but download the file and do the update.And I was assuming that I could always do a restore and go backwards to 6.1.4. Maybe not? Reading the replies on that page, people are saying they can restore back. One more question, I click "shift" + update and can't find the ios7 file. It's a .dmg file, but it's looking for a .ipsw file. I think if your using Windows you need to convert the file. Ahh ok, yea I'm on a PC and that's over my head! Sorry, I'm on an iMac, so I can't help with that.
  13. Yeah, I was already at 6.1.4, so I didn't do anything but download the file and do the update. And I was assuming that I could always do a restore and go backwards to 6.1.4. Maybe not?
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