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  1. Wow has the show been bad. I don't think I listen to more 45 minutes a day anymore. Twitter>Apple>Photography>News Oh and there's this..... Howard suing Sirius for more money? This should help.
  2. Watched Champion and Runaway Train today. Both are expiring tomorrow. Both worth watching.
  3. Yes, with next Monday included.Unbelievable.I can believe it.
  4. Mammary Lane Mary McCormack interview with Artie was absolutely hilarious. I really miss funny Artie.
  5. Watched The Sting for the first time tonight. Doesn't get much better.
  6. Better Call Saul was on last night. I think this is around where the show turned from very good to great.
  7. I heard a pizza order in autotune the other day and it was about the funniest thing I've ever heard. Here it is.
  8. I thought he should have made a better offer for the Lindbergh baby item.I thought it was going to go for thousands.
  9. I'm not sure I can handle a 3 day Phish festival at my advanced age but I'd sure like to give it a try.
  10. You know you could have gotten tix before today, right?Albany went on sale this morning at 11. Is there another way other than mail order?
  11. Got some Trey in Albany Tix this morning. Sold out pretty quickly I believe.
  12. Find some older movies/shows that you haven't seen before and stop complaining.
  13. Listening to today's show now and Howard saying he doesn't understand foot fetishes is total baloney. This dude used to be more into feet than anyone on the show.
  14. The entire Larry Sanders Show series was added. Guess it's time to watch this.
  15. Decided to buy the live feed from LivePhish.com. Streaming it through my PS3 browser and it looks AMAZING.
  16. There was some speculation that it may not show up until the new contract starts.
  17. :excited:It's not even the best show on AMC. Not even in the top 2.
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