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  1. He needs Martin O'Neill to get another PL job
  2. Not sure it is at all going to be effective. One of the crazies in my facebook feed has taken to responding to every post Cruz makes. They were quite confusing to me at first but they are in essence: "If you didn’t sell out our country by allowing an illegitimate President we'd care what you have to say!!!^$@!@#!!!" Now my first thought was, she was talking about 4 years ago but I couldn't figure out why she just starting ranting about it lately. But after reading more responses, turns out she's mad at Cruz for not doing enough to keep Trump in office and she's making "primary Cruz" posts
  3. If removal can't be achieved, then there should probably be a pause anyway. There should absolutely be a reckoning. But it shouldn't be emotionally fueled. Examine everything in the cold light of day.
  4. Otasowie has not been bad and may continue to get the odd minutes because Wolves isn't exactly a deep side. But the primary reason he's playing right now is Dendocker has been hurt (and has missed the last 3 games). He will probably return in the next week or so.
  5. I think pretty low. Trump voters definitely lost enthusiasm but Trump was also the reason many Dems voted this time as well. At heart, GA is still a red state and I think without Trump on the ballot, it comes down to that.
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