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  1. He needs Martin O'Neill to get another PL job
  2. Not sure it is at all going to be effective. One of the crazies in my facebook feed has taken to responding to every post Cruz makes. They were quite confusing to me at first but they are in essence: "If you didn’t sell out our country by allowing an illegitimate President we'd care what you have to say!!!^$@!@#!!!" Now my first thought was, she was talking about 4 years ago but I couldn't figure out why she just starting ranting about it lately. But after reading more responses, turns out she's mad at Cruz for not doing enough to keep Trump in office and she's making "primary Cruz" posts
  3. If removal can't be achieved, then there should probably be a pause anyway. There should absolutely be a reckoning. But it shouldn't be emotionally fueled. Examine everything in the cold light of day.
  4. Otasowie has not been bad and may continue to get the odd minutes because Wolves isn't exactly a deep side. But the primary reason he's playing right now is Dendocker has been hurt (and has missed the last 3 games). He will probably return in the next week or so.
  5. I think pretty low. Trump voters definitely lost enthusiasm but Trump was also the reason many Dems voted this time as well. At heart, GA is still a red state and I think without Trump on the ballot, it comes down to that.
  6. The only way they tie from here is Biden picks up GA and Trump sweeps NV, AZ, PA and NC But if that happens it goes the House where each state delegation gets one vote -- and by this measure the Republicans would have more votes.
  7. Gotcha. Yeah I'm petty sure they pulled that and stopped updating it. I did see a Nate Cohn tweet earlier suggesting he thought Biden eventually wins both GA and PA but haven't heard anything in hours on actual results.
  8. can you link this? I don't see it on their site
  9. More than half the uncounted are mail-in ballots that arrived Monday/Tuesday. LINK
  10. Nevada has announced they will give no more election updates til noon.....on Thursday. It's not getting called today.
  11. It's an interesting thought MT but my concern is the way recent Presidents have dealt with being unable to pass an agenda is just to EO us to death. I'd like to find an idea that pushed it the other way instead of leaning into more Executive power grab.
  12. This is often a difference in polling technique. Some pollsters push more than others. Seems pretty clear there was a push in the Dem poll as Buckley is 7% vs the 2%. There is a case that this is more accurate as leans often will just say undecided when enthusiasm is pretty low even though they aren't necessarily undecided. Which is preferred depends on what you are after though -- these are the persuadable electorate (or those who may pass altogether).
  13. I wouldn't get your hopes up here. Unlike a lot of GOP Senators, Cornyn is running several points ahead of Trump. I think there are better races to invest in.
  14. Dr. Atlas. He didn't spend 6 years in Atlas Medical School to be called Mister.
  15. I tend to agree with your point but I think she was a bad campaigner as well. I remember a town hall I watched somewhere along the way and she seemed to be trying to appeal to all people rather than taking a principled position. It made her come across hollow. Maybe that was the front-runner status but I think that's a bit why she gets the bland tag. But completely agree she has a lot more personality than Biden and in the Senate she has shown star qualities which is why she was an early front runner. But her failed campaign didn't show any of that.
  16. This is an extremely complicated question. But the answer is not too different than other regions of the world. Why don't the Shiites and Sunni just get along? Or why didn't the Serbs and Croats just get over their history? The British settled Ireland and those immigrants never mixed with the indigenous Irish people and treated them as serfs for hundreds of years. They exterminated their language (making it illegal), outlawed their religion, prevented their education, and gave them no representation in the government. After their revolution and the split of Northern Ireland (where th
  17. Not sure on that. If we had handled this well, it would be somewhat of a non-factor. We look so bad because basic competence shown by other nations was successful. If all the administration did was show that same competence, I think it's sort of forgotten. Macron has handled things pretty well but he's still in the midst of political turmoil for instance.
  18. I think his point is past protests - Kaepernick kneeling, "I can't breath" t-shirts in the NBA, BLM, etc that were peaceful protests about this exact issue have been met with negativity by some (including both our President and Vice President). And more clearly, those protests have largely been ignored.
  19. Maybe it will be. But if Texas is in play, the election is already decided.
  20. Approximately 2/3 of Americans are in states that are not swing states. I'm not staying home. Even though I have a strong preference between the major parties options, it doesn't matter. So unless Texas is somehow relevant in the race overall, I'm voting my top choice.
  21. Justin Amash is forming an exploratory committee to seek the Libertarian nomination. He's now got a website
  22. Modly served 7 years in the navy. He's been a civilian since 1990.
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