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  1. Has anyone seen any interviews with people who actually got out, or families of Americans still there?
  2. Dude, you need to change your avatar. Everytime I see it I think it's Cowboys fan. I think duplicate avatars shouldn't be allowed anyway
  3. I'm guessing once Rittenhouse pulled the gun on him he went ballistic, figuring he was in "killed or be killed" mode and tried to take his gun away.
  4. Yet you are doing just that with nearly every post.
  5. I would say pointing a gun at someone is provoking them.
  6. A weapon obtained illegally. But let's not split hairs.
  7. Anyone watch the Nick Gage Dark Side of the Ring?
  8. Ask him if he's ever heard of the term "Human Rain Delay" Then give him the look. 🤨
  9. Wait, you don't pay for streaming services or internet to stream?
  10. As expected the "more gun control" nuts flock to push their agenda again, Biden included. This was a hate crime pure and simple. If this was a black shooting all whites, hate crime.... If this was whites shooting Muslims, hate crime.... etc. But's it's a Muslim shooting whites so it "needs to be investigated", and gun control need to be tightened. Shocking, said no one ever
  11. She doesn't write her own songs. Not solo writing anyway, most always a co-writer.
  12. The candidate with Trumps policies and no Trump dooshyness will get my vote. This country policy-wise was going in the right direction for the most part.
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