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  1. Sports shut down a couple months ago. They directed most to secret service. It's works good. Haven't been to SFU in awhile. It's been up and down slot lately.
  2. Couple of good DTs left on the board for today. Should be fun!
  3. We're right with you on NCSA. He's 2024 and have quite a few emails and camp invited do far. His only qualifications for college is to be near the ocean and warm 🤣. We'll likely do three camps over the summer, and maybe a local college camp like UCs program. But overall the tools and communication platform is very helpful.
  4. Got my 2nd Pfizer shot on Monday. Arm was sore Monday night and Tuesday, but that was it. No other side effects to report. I never got sick or a fever after either shot. Same as the first shot, team at University of Dayton shuttled people around the arena with no wait or down time. Checked in, ushered to a seat, cart lady rolled up with the shot. Sat for 10-15mins, then left. It took longer to drive to UD than it did to get the shot. Very efficient.
  5. Next week should be the "BTS" episode for TFATWS. Then after that was supposed to be BW movie, but they pushed it to July in hopes that the theatres would re-open. Disney/Marvel planning on a theatrical and streaming release for BW. They should've stuck to the original plan and not worried about it. When BW moved, I believe Loki pushed from end of May to mid-June. What If....was slated for July, but now it's TBD. Shang Chi is now September. Eternals is now November. Spider Man is December. I think Dr. Strange is February? The other Marvel/D+ shows are slat
  6. It was a good ride. Really enjoyed how they paced it and put together a solid story from start to finish. Now 6 weeks til Loki shows up. Really wished they kept Black Widow release date in May. It would've been a nice break between the two series.
  7. So will today be the day they sign Clowney? 2nd visit to the team, so I'd have to think it's for contract negotiations.
  8. Will this roll into the MCU? I thought this was one of the last mutant movies to be released by Fox. It wasn't bad, but I considered it more of a one-off. I could be wrong.
  9. The casting for KmartCap is perfect! He's done his job so well that everyone hated him prior to this latest episode. Now it will only escalate. The character is supposed to be unlikable. He's supposed to be an arrogant ### that demands things his way. The character has that supremacist ideaology and demands respect, but doesn't earn it from others. I think this Russel kid has done a great job emboding that and more. My son told me after the 2nd episode that he didn't like "this Cap" and he couldn't put a finger on it. I told him it's because he has a face you want to punch. His eyes l
  10. I'm only here for The Fiend and Alexa Bliss.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I've read your tales and have tried to keep a sane mindset watching him move from Rec to Select to HS ball. It's been a fun trip. None of these are PG showcases. That is one area I do want to stay away from, for his and my sake. He's been involved with some PBR events, mainly because his summer team works with PBR and attends the tournaments. The camps he's been invited to have come from College coaches who run the Junior Day College Coaches Camp, as well as the College Coaches Showcase Camp. Looking into them, there are about 10 colleges who participate and lead
  12. Oh I'm sure. I told him to pick two for this year. Any more than that and I feel like I'm wasting money. My thoughts are he'll be nervous at the first one and we'll get better feedback when he's relaxed at the second one.
  13. This is where we're at right now. My son's a freshman and he's been invited to multiple baseball camps this summer by college coaches. He can't go to all of them, so he's focusing in on the ones with multiple schools attending. It helps if there's a school he likes, but he doesn't really know what he likes yet.
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