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  1. That's what I did too. Just looking for someone to tell me don't overthink it.
  2. Jacobs vs DEN or ZMoss vs TEN 6pt TD, Non-PPR Leaning towards Jacobs as he's done well vs Denver in the past. But wondering how all the Gruden news will impact the team this week.
  3. With Blankenship out, is Badgely a safe pick? Heard he missed a FG and XP earlier this year. WW isnt inspiring. Picked up the CIN K, but thinking he'll see more XP opportunities than FG.
  4. With the weather in CLE and no HC for AZ today, I'm leaning towards CLE over BALT today.
  5. ARI without HC today. Cardinals’ HC Kliff Kingsbury, who has had multiple positive COVID tests on back-to-back days and will miss today’s game vs. the Browns, will need two negative COVID tests 24 hours apart, meaning the earliest he now could return to work is Tuesday. But Kingsburgy “feels great”.
  6. I'm sticking with Balt again this week. There's not much on the WW, but at least Balt has been fairly consistent so far.
  7. Like if Mixon is wearing a hoodie, we should expect 100yds and 2TD.
  8. I don't think either is a good play. Kind of like Cook and Mattison last week. Both will get time, but neither will have the lions share.
  9. I think Cin will win, or at least put up a good fight. But with Haired out for GB, I think Burrow will be air it out more than he will hand it off. That's what I took from the Game Flow comment
  10. Starting ZMoss over Mixon today. I want to see if Mixon can make it through the game in tact.
  11. You have one open spot to stash a guy no one is expecting. Who has the better opportunity to be a breakout star ROS? Lebron Bell in Baltimore or Josh Gordon in KC? Both proved they could play years ago. Both are in a position of opportunity in their respective positions. I have to think the door is open for Gordon as no one has emerged opposite of Hill. Bell will have to outplay Murray for touches in Baltimore. You can only pick one, so who will you take?
  12. In the same boat. NE was my Def going forward, but now I'm not so sure.
  13. I know it's Houston this week, but is the NE D worth holding on to moving forward? I thought they had a nice schedule, but te injuries on O and D have me a little concerned.
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