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  1. The director said he'd leave the door open for a S2. Nothing's been written or approved. Marvel doing their due diligence to keep the money flowing. If people want a S2, they'll find a way to do a S2.
  2. Classic villain who thinks he/she is smarter than their adversary and lets their guard down. Agatha was busy absorbing the shots. She just stood there so she could get hit and absorb Wanda's magic. She was too cocky to realize Wanda was missing intentionally to set up her trap. I thought it was very well done, and it shows just how quickly Wanda can learn, process, and use information/magical abilities. The final end credit scene was a great tease into DrS MVoM.
  3. Me too....but for different reasons. Heading to work early. I'll be watching it around 10am, and then again about 3pm with my son. Should be an action packed hour. Looking forward to it. Really hoping FatWS is just as good as WV has been. Definitely a step above most of the Netflix shows.
  4. Good to know. I let mine lapse due to end of NFL and MLB not starting for a month. I'll have to check it out in the next couple of weeks and sign up again.
  5. Not so fast my friend. Agatha can't create a new person, not does she raise the dead. It's still a possibility. We saw last episode that Agatha was behind Fietro. We also know that Fietro shared similar memories as Wanda. It's possible that Agatha tricked Wanda into manipulating those memories, but they didn't match up with Wanda's version. We even hear Wanda recognize that Fietro isn't really her brother and tells her boys the same. Agatha doesn't know all the memories, this taking Wanda through the perverted "This is your life" trip down memory lane. We know Agatha doesn't do necromancy, b
  6. I have a feeling we're not going to know who the aerospace engineer is at all. Whoever it was modified the space jeep for the situation. Their job is done now. With no name or identity provided, I think it's just a call out for the fans to stoke the fires of speculation. Either way, that person has some connection to SWORD, I would think, as they moved the design/reconstruction of the space jeep very quickly in order to have it onsite within a couple days.
  7. Son is a freshman and we are just starting this process for baseball. He's a late bloomer, so not expecting much out of the gate. Good lefty pitcher/1B. HS tryouts next week. Since last summer, he's had a few coaches reach out and invite him to summer camps this year. He's also doing a PBR showcase this weekend with his summer team. Interested to see where he stands against other players his age, as well as within his HS.
  8. Son and I was thinking about this last night, which led to the next round of shows announced for D+, specifically Agents of SWORD. We talked about Daisy and Coulson joining, as well as some of the new characters announced like Abigail Brand. Then we remembered a rumored character who is tied to SWORD and other Marvel properties, Hank McCoy aka The Beast. As Marvel used WandaVision to bring SWORD to the mainstream population, I can see the Big Brain being introduced as Hank McCoy to help further setup the SWORD show coming to D+. As with Monica, Hank could have a latent gene "activated" whe
  9. Selvig is an astrophysicist, but wouldn't that recco come from Darcy? She interned for him. I like Rocket, but don't see it. He's off in space with the GotG. Anyone from AoS is a stretch at this point, altho I'd love to see Fitz-Simmons. I don't like Reed Richards here. Everyone is looking for it, and I think Fiege will swerve and go a different direction.
  10. Ugh...she was one I could do without. I'm not a fan of her as an actress, and didn't really care for her in that series.
  11. I feel like I just stumbled into the Sourcing thread...
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