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  1. I'm sticking with Balt again this week. There's not much on the WW, but at least Balt has been fairly consistent so far.
  2. Like if Mixon is wearing a hoodie, we should expect 100yds and 2TD.
  3. I don't think either is a good play. Kind of like Cook and Mattison last week. Both will get time, but neither will have the lions share.
  4. I think Cin will win, or at least put up a good fight. But with Haired out for GB, I think Burrow will be air it out more than he will hand it off. That's what I took from the Game Flow comment
  5. Starting ZMoss over Mixon today. I want to see if Mixon can make it through the game in tact.
  6. You have one open spot to stash a guy no one is expecting. Who has the better opportunity to be a breakout star ROS? Lebron Bell in Baltimore or Josh Gordon in KC? Both proved they could play years ago. Both are in a position of opportunity in their respective positions. I have to think the door is open for Gordon as no one has emerged opposite of Hill. Bell will have to outplay Murray for touches in Baltimore. You can only pick one, so who will you take?
  7. In the same boat. NE was my Def going forward, but now I'm not so sure.
  8. I know it's Houston this week, but is the NE D worth holding on to moving forward? I thought they had a nice schedule, but te injuries on O and D have me a little concerned.
  9. This is my thought as well. I started with NE, but considering dropping after this week vs HOU. Gilmore was a presence in the secondary.
  10. Personally hate the draft. I think it limits them creatively keeping certain people on specific shows. Their "crossover" events aren't worth anything, as the matches mean nothing. There's no build. It's "hey I'm here tonight and I want to fight you because I hate the way you said soup on tv last week". it's dumb and really treats the audience like toddlers. Even SS feels watered down with the draft. Raw vs SD. Blah. Gimme the old days where you had a faction vs faction, or a babyface team vs villain team. Give me something good. The draft is one of the worst gimmicks WWE has put out there.
  11. Non-PPR, 6pt TD. Lamar Jackson or David Carr? Josh Jacobs or Zach Moss?
  12. Anyone worried to start him this week? Have to admit I get a little anxious when a mobile QB has back issues.
  13. In the same boat. I know Balt's secondary hasn't been great, but is that a reason people are dropping them? I thought they would have been one of the few set and forget DST for the season. I'm sitting here with NE and TN on a short roster, but considering dropping TN for Balt. Are they a good season hold, or fool's gold?
  14. Picked up TN for the NYJ game. Sitting on NE until better matchups. Downside with carrying an extra DEf is I only have 3 bench spots. Really ties me upbwith what U can do with the WW.
  15. Bingo! Stupid auto-correct on my phone. Yes. I meant Olave, but I will most likely call him EBS from now on. And yes, Jaxon Smith-Njigba. I wasn't going to try to type that on my phone.
  16. Not sure about @Mad Cow, but does anyone know where our QB went? Stroud isn't looking good - too timid. McCord was decent, but only seemed to look for Jackson, Place and Garrett went missing for a half. Didn't see much of Miller, but his lack of playing time doesn't bode well. Day needs to figure out how to solve for the QB before he wastes Place and Garrett this year.
  17. Ya, I don't put that on Fields. When he had time, he looked good. His OL was a mess and couldn't block anything. There were some plays where it looked like Peters wasn't even trying to block Garrett. Nagy didn't do Fields any favors today. The system needs to adapt to Fields as well. I don't think Fields was Nagy's pick, it was the FO's pick. I feel like Nagy left Fields out to dry today to try and make a point to the FO.
  18. Looking forward to this one. I like Fields coming out and glad Pittsburgh didn't pick him up. As a Browns fan, Fields will have to scramble some with the DL pressure. Curious if Ward will cover Mooney. Should be a fun one to watch.
  19. Have a choice of Jacobs or Mattison. Hate to day it, but Im hoping Cook is out so I don't have to start Jacobs
  20. Trying out 1stP### this week. Comparable to JC/SS. So far so good. I actually like their interface better. Reminds me more of a satellite/cable type of schedule/grid.
  21. If What If is setting up a storyline similar to the comics, there will be a payoff coming these last couple of episodes. I don't believe Marvel/D+ would put out a season of stand alone episodes just to pass the time. There is a theme for each of them, where every episode ends in some form of peril/disaster looming. None have a clean cut, happy ending. Without giving too much away from the comic line, I do believe there will be something tying these together in a neat little bow. Individually, the stories have been good. We know we'll see Captain Carter in the Dr. Strange MoM movie. Each episode has shown us a different universe to help explain/expand the multiverse theory. It'll be interesting if other characters follow suit, finding their way from the What If multiverse into the movies.
  22. PFT - Dalvin Cook out of practice again on Friday
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