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  1. Reddit has slowly been taking my attention over the last few years more than these boards, so I now have yet another reason to not visit. Thanks Joe.
  2. Trying to get tickets was an adventure because the website was so bogged down. Had a couple chances for single seats, but I decided to pass in the end. Might regret that.
  3. Nope. Just straight in and play. That probably was part of my issue because, besides figuring out the shooting mechanics, I also have to learn how to build on the fly. Not easy when you're just started out and playing against seasoned tweens with those fast reflexes. I've watched a few Twitch/YouTube videos, so I was at least familiar with finding chests, getting resources, etc.
  4. Played on the PC for the first time today. Six games, 1 kill total, highest finish 9th (because I played like an absolute wuss...also where I got the one kill), lowest finish 89th. I'm so, so bad at this.
  5. Life-long Blues fan. I'm enjoying this Vegas run and the fact that David Perron and Ryan Reaves have real chances at getting their names on the Stanley Cup. Normally, I'd probably agree with you, but this whole Vegas story is pretty charming, IMO.
  6. Asuka has a streak that would make Goldberg blush. She's going into Wrestlemania with said streak. She loses. Charlotte wins. HOLY #### THE STREAK IS OVER CHARLOTTE IS GOING PLAC... *24 hours later* Carmella — someone who's been portrayed as a joke and is generally a joke in the ring — cashes in on Charlotte after the IIconics beat her up and wins the title. Ok, fine. Fluke win. Charlotte will get her titl... Oh no! Charlotte tweaks her knee and is SO HURT BY IT, she gets pinned. Because knee injuries = easy pin. Apparently. Or something. Man, I hope Charlotte is ok. I mean, she had such a severe knee injury, she couldn't kick out of a basic rollup. Ooh, she has a match with Peyton, let's see how she... *Charlotte does 100% of her usual entrance shtick, complete with ringside flip that requires a good amount of impact on a knee, splits, and a roll back to her feet...all with no limp whatsoever* So, Asuka losing her streak does nothing for no one, Charlotte gets a crippling knee injury that is 100% healed two nights later, and Carmella is champion because we really needed a female Enzo. Or something. Shoot me.
  7. Not to mention the fact that she just beat the #### out of (and possibly screwed up the left shoulder of) a 5-foot-nothing, 100 pound woman. But no, Nia's not the bully here...
  8. Congrats to all of the Caps fans here on slaying the Penguins demon. 1994 is now but a footnote in history.
  9. In heavy on 6 Good Magic, 7 Justify, and 12 Enticed. Enticed has won in the muck before and I've pissed away money on WORSE 55-1 horses than this guy.
  10. I've wanted to get into the game, but a lack of iFriends that play it has held me back a bit. What system would we want to do this on? I think we can do teams of four on Fortnite. PC = free online gaming and I have a good rig for it. Otherwise, I have a PS4 and a XB1. I'd need a sub for PS4, but I have XBL Gold for the XB1.
  11. Reading the comments here about not letting early teenage kids play Fortnite and just shaking my head. Outside of the fact it's a shooter, it's one of the most inoffensive games out there. Signed, Law-abiding man who was restricted from playing Mortal Kombat growing up, which just served to make him want to play it more and find ways to do so.
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