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  1. Enjoy going broke buying Maradona's cocaine.

  2. If you take Ronaldo, I'll send tasker after you 

    1. Brady Marino

      Brady Marino

      *runs from Tasker*

  3. Navarro >>>>>>>>>> Arenstrikeout. Even if Navarro falls back to earth, he is still better than Arencibia on his best day.
  4. If the Jays had spent $10 million on Caesar, they might as well have just folded the franchise.Jays actually did sign Cesar Izturis today (minor league deal with camp invite).They must really have had Hechevarria withdrawls.
  5. DH is his best role. His fielding is pretty terrible.Your fielding has to be brutal to not even be considered for 1B, a position where fielding isn't exactly a pre-requisite.
  6. Giancarlo Stanton ‏@Giancarlo818 Alright, I'm pissed off!!! Plain & Simple
  7. Came over in the Marcum deal.Guy's got some attitude issues, which is why he probably came over so cheaply. My guess is he finally grew up.ETA: He wasn't really doing well at 2B in the minors either. Didn't make the switch to 3B until he came to Toronto. His production exploded once he got to Toronto, which makes you wonder if he felt more comfortable with the easier position to field, things just magically clicked, or he reeeeeeally didn't want to play in Milwaukee.
  8. Too bad those tampons helped the Cards win a World Series.You know the old saying: One mans used tampons is another mans gold One could argue that the Cards traded one huge tampon for four smaller ones. And you can even use your saying for the huge tampon you guys got.
  9. .206/.283/.338Next year will be "the year" I guess.But he still plays good defense!
  10. :thumbsup: to a fellow defender of Liberty. Oh, MrPhoenix says hi.

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