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  1. i dont find anything about it and debate if we should keep him on dynasty league some1 have in general link for teams sources where we can read on what happening in their squad during the weeks in general.. and in specific on the Giant ?
  2. are there more GM's who may want to join ? send email or DM
  3. indeed here you go: https://www58.myfantasyleague.com/2020/options?L=53429&O=26 few scoring twitch still remain but this is the basic
  4. openning new MFL Dynasty 16teams, auction, IDP, PPR salary&contract years. 45 players roster, 19 starting lineup players - 8 Off, 11 Def looking for IDP lovers, competitive GM's who love the format. special year make this new league - all play (not H2H) so if the season cut short (and min 7 weeks played) we know the winner.. although if the season complete than regular FF H2H playoff tournament will occur in weeks 14-16. fee: its first season in a special season that can cut short so just 10 $ for MFL fee and the rest for the league winners (champ & playoff teams) DM me or ask here your questions, tips and email address if you want to join (aim to start in max two weeks, prefer next one) or send email: amitttamar@aim.com
  5. looking to open new IDP dynasty league - looking for Dr. Jene old recommended IDP balance scoring can you refer me? Plus, if u can advice me your favorite IDP league scoring i'd love to read and may implant Thanks in advance
  6. In my case, for example - Dynasty 16 teams - 21 starting lineup (10 Off, 21 Def) player, 45-50 player per roster, salary cap, contract years cap, auction etc.. ---------- Nowdays before the nfl draft rejoin this FBG forum as well as DLF one (IDP & Looking for leagues) but don't seem to find one match my request (and im playing just two like those) but still - im reading from time to time post's here or on twitter with question or poll on league like those and discussion on trade or players cost value and etc. Post's on deep IDP ranking and players as well as rookies which not talked about on regular standard leagues. need to find those with more than just "2 DL, 2LB and 2DB" on the roster. Can you advice me to other resource where i can find few option to join ?
  7. really great setting (just dislike the two roster per league - maybe u can limit the roster to "just" 50 players) either way, enjoy the season!
  8. Invite 2 join startup IDP Dynasty contract MFLeague

    Hi, my name is Amit - fellow IDP forum member on FBG

    reaching you to offer you to join free .. startup Dynasty Contract&Salary IDP FFleague of 16 teams with  21 starters (10,O, 11 D) and up2 50 players in the roster on the MFL site. the upcoming startup draft will be slow auction one as later on season the waivers will.

    http://www58.myfantasyleague.com/2016/options?L=50070&O=26 draft & waiver are auction.

    Its contract cap league.. max 100 years for the roster and 5 year max for player.. also max 100 M $ cap space for all the salaries of ur players.

    I read some of ur posts on the IDP "post tree" and came 2 conclusion that u familiar with our setting .. so now just asking if u have the will & free time to invest & enjoy, advice back.

    Thanks, Amit 

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      somehow u cant get PM's here, email me :


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