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  1. Might want to take a look at Peyton Manning's rookie year's INT to TD ratio.Report back your talking bout PLAYOFFS? which team was better Ind or Balt?report back... If Peyton had the Ravens D, I dont think he'd lose a gameI second that, not only that, did somebody actually tell us to go compare him to Peyton? Flacco is a rookie on a team that is winning strictly bcuz of the D and cuz they pound the ball with McClain. Personally if they had a better QB they might be using Rice or McGahee a little more! But with teams knowing they are gonna run a ton, they need to use the durable big back! Flacco hurts this team more then helps if you ask me, and here is why I think Tennessee wins this week. A Rookie QB against a Tennessee D that is at home in the Playoffs! Lets see if people praise this kid after his 3 TO performance!!!
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