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  1. You keep saying this. It is not necessary to spin. You are nowhere near as informed nor anywhere near the expertise on these matters as those that made the decisions. It pretty much ends there.That is the dumbest argument I've heard. Since they know more they can't make a bad pick?
  2. Another WR! Terrible. Why reach for a guy who is already injured when you could have taken another OL and had a great line on offense AND defense for years to come. With a great OL you don't need great runners, you can sign anyone decent, like the Law Firm, and they will be fine. Another WR. We were joking last night at the bar about the Lions taking another WR, and they went and did it. Uggh.
  3. We are cheap and poor, not your typical FBG. We've finally done it. 2 months ago we turned off our TV cable service, got an indoor OTA antenna, and used our Wii for Netflix, which we had been using for sometime. Then got a Roku (HD version much better than Wii) for another TV in the house. Got the cable bill the next month and the phone portion was still $62 a month including taxes. So I went out and got the MajicJack at BestBuy last week. Had to tweak my host PC a bit to get it to run well all the time. It worked great, but the one place (so far) that couldn't call my new number was
  4. Exceptionally rude individual.


  5. Exceptionally rude individual.


  6. Exceptionally rude individual.


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