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  1. Don't bench your studs...unless it's for another stud. I am not sitting him unless he's not playing
  2. Yes, that is all I ate for a week. Come on, slick... Also, I am allowed my opinion on a food just like you. Wowzas...
  3. Watch your wallet/purse & don't start walking down alleys etc where no one else is at night. Unless you like drunk aholes with no regard for anyone else, stay away from Bourbon at night. Lots of cool art galleries to visit. The food is good, but overrated IMO minus Commander's Palace & Arnaud's. Definitely enjoy Davenport Lounge in The Ritz for Jazz at night. That was my favorite part of my stay.
  4. Sounds like a gun owner that gives the rest of us a bad name. You call the cops immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I've been holding him all year too. Nothing out there worth dropping him for. I have a claim in to drop MVS for Justin Jackson.
  6. It's bs, but at the end of the day they will still likely face the team they wanted to avoid in the playoffs anyway
  7. I also use Schwab & have had $ in some of their ETFs over the years. Currently have cash just sitting & looking to get back in. May I ask which ETFs & Mutual Funds you like?
  8. I still cannot give him away so I will just hold him as depth
  9. So when does he get more than a whopping 10 carries?
  10. Let's not get crazy here... As a Barkley owner, I'm not giving him for CMC unless it's CMC + another awesome piece.
  11. Bortles sucks even with Fournette in the game
  12. Had a guy start Perine & Alex Smith. Sent an email to the league saying I will set lineups based on BPA if this happens & if it continues, owners will not be invited back for 2019
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