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  1. Euro just crapped all over this storm if you live north of the Mason Dixon line. I'm not sure I believe it just yet, but never a good sign when the Euro starts thinking differently than the other models. (See: Sandy, Hurricane)

    Can you elaborate?

    From what the best weather guy I "know" (from another forum) tells me, it leads to virtually no snow for the NY/NY area. Also said that the other models tend to follow the Euro with a call like this.

    Thanks. Is there a revised forecast map out yet? has it shifted south to VA/NC?

  2. Confirmed this thing is a blast. Crashed it a bunch and so far no damage. Took it too high a couple times and got out of range and into the wind, but thankfully it narrowly missed landing in a neighbors huge tree...the arial footage is pretty nice for the price. Its really fun messing with the neighborhood cats.

    I am definitely gonna get a Phantom soon, possibly this spring.

    Awesome! You can sometimes find some good deals here if you are interested in buying used, often times upgraded units.


  3. For comparison, here are two unedited videos - one from a Syma xc5 and one from my Phantom. My 13 yo is flying the Syma filming his brother flying a x9 (or trying to). Note, the syma will fly much higher than shown, but no where near what the Phantom can do.

    The syma lacks a gimbal on the camera and that makes for most of the difference. Fly erratically with a Phantom and it won't show much variation in the video as it's stabilized.

  4. Ok, finally broke down and ordered the $50 Syma from Amazon.

    The DJI Phantom 3 Professional with the 4k camera looks amazing.

    There is not doubt the high end models are ridiculous... just more money thank I'd be willing to tie up in something like this. The price point of the Symas is really easy to justify and the performance is decent enough.

    This is true. Ironically, the more advanced drones like the Phantom are actually far easier to fly than the Syma primarily due to the GPS and other integrated flight controls.

  5. Looks cool, but 7 minute flight time and 100 minute charge time? Is that the norm?

    Yes. Have you read this page regarding the work-around for that?

    $15-20 for 4 extra batteries and a charger that will charge 4 at a time means you're looking at next to zero downtime.... though you'll likely fry the thing if you try to run it nonstop for hours on end.

    If you're looking for industrial quality quad... you' MAY need to shoot the lock off the wallet and pony up more than $60.

    Link to which batteries you got?

    I don't recall specific ones but there are many similar on amazon like this.

    My wife just gave me a cheap one from Walmart that she got on cyber monday. Was just coming in to see how long others run for and it was answered in the last few posts. Unfortunately for me, no removable battery.

    Icon, do the expensive ones have longer lasting batteries? I would imagine yes if Amazon is toying with the idea of using them for delivery

    I'm not certain, but I think the phantoms have a bit more life (15-20min range).

    Amazon would be using commercial drones designed to lift packages weighing several pounds. These little cheapo ones can only lift a couple ounces and the phantoms maybe half a pound, maybe. More weight = less battery life as the motors work harder to maintain altitude.

    If you have delusions of carrying stuff around with these, prob should cut those off for a while. The 8-12 min battery life sounds very constricting but it's really not bad... especially with the multiple batteries. Charge em up and roll out with 4 extras in your pocket and you're flying for around an hour. By then you should probably give the motors a break anyway.

    That's correct. I get about 20-25 minutes on my phantom.

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