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  1. Go hit the button right now... and pick up Pittman
  2. Go 434 and get Davante. AJ Brown and Boyd are inconsistent....you need the improvement if you’re going to compete against that other team. RB will be available later and cheaper
  3. start QRWWWTFFKD ...PPR trade JTaylor and late 2021 first get Mike Evans and Ronald Jones My team QB ARodgers, Burrow RB JTaylor, Sanders, Harris, Gallman WR OBJ, Davante, TMclaurin,Tee Higgins, Sheppard, Fulgham TE Waller,Hurst,Gronk, Schultz
  4. 5-1...I’m rolling with Edelman, Higgins and Dionte
  5. In a non PPR, keep 8, 12 teams league give : Thomas and Preston receive : Keenan and Kupp i’m realy thin at WR and i own Kamara...
  6. 12 team PPR gave 2 late second round pick 2021 and Duvernay got Hilton
  7. In a 8 keepers, 12 teams league, standard scoring, QRRWWWTKD I’m pretty thin at WR, would trade Edelman and a 2021 first (late) for Allen Robinson
  8. 12 teams PPR Start 1QB-1RB-3WR-1TE-2Flex give : Jonathan Taylor, 2021 1rst and 2nd get: Mike Evans and Todd Gurley My roster: QB :Arob, Burrow RB : Sanders, Taylor, Duke, Damien Harris WR: davante, Odell, Edelman, McLaurin, JBrown, Shepard, RAnderson, Preston, Higgins, Lazard, Duvernay TE : Gronk, Waller, McDo
  9. Another one PPR QRRWWWTFKD team A gave Kirk, Armstead and 3.01 team B gave Henderson, Sterling Sheppard and 3.09
  10. PPR QRRWWWTFKD team A gave 1.01, RoJo and 3.07 team b gave Kamara, Emmanuel Sanders, 3.04
  11. Hi Mr.Bloom League one standard scoring Brady or Murray ? Kamara or Drake ? League two standard scoring Golladay or Boyd ? Mack or Conner ?
  12. Todd Gurley (@SF) Le'Veon Bell (PIT) Deandre Washington (LAC) Julio Jones (JAX) Tyler Lockett (ARI) Amari Cooper (@PHI)
  13. League one standard scoring Brady or Murray ? Kamara or Drake ? League two standard scoring Golladay, or Boyd ? Mack or Conner ?
  14. Forget that...I was in wrong draft !!! I’ve set all my keeper league draft on my iphone but the change I’ve made don’t synchronize on my IPad...please help so I don’t have to spend another 2 hours on manually enter all the pick (it’s not a snake draft)
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