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  1. So, the Amateur Radio Society of Barbados is heading to the locker room? Joe's rule number one on this pin: use the player's real name. Thanks.
  2. Feeling really good about my Mike Thomas shares.
  3. What a freaking circus this backfield has been and will continue to be.
  4. I used Fantasy Life the last two years but I can't get it to send alerts. Tried various "repairs" to no avail. Anyone have something they like better? Thank you.
  5. Sent. Thanks @Keerockand@brun for continuing to grind away for us.
  6. Super Bowl champs Tampa Bay with the easiest schedule. WASH has the 13th best OL and the 14th best WR corps while having the 27th ranked LBs. How will they not use their first draft pick on a LB?
  7. Great news: daughter's university will allow each graduate to bring two guests to the in-person commencement ceremony!
  8. My brother is having a house built in Leland, NC, and will be moving there in June. He absolutely would not move to a place he didn't consider generally safe. He exercises a lot, esp. biking, so the area must've passed muster in that regard. I'll pass along your interest and see what I can find out.
  9. My 97 year old father got his second Moderna dose on Sat. morning. No side effects so far. He is a little down about his crappy NCAA bracket, though.
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