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  1. Daughter graduates in three months and is searching for work. A few prospective employers have asked for her ACT results. She didn't take the SAT or I'm sure they'd be asking for that as well.
  2. I got my 2nd Pfizer dose yesterday morning. The injected area is somewhat sore (slightly more than after the first dose) but that's been about my only side effect thus far. I'm in my early 60's, if that matters.
  3. Seen a very recent explosion of the use of pronouns after email signatures. (she, her, hers)
  4. Wonder if the Colts not asking Luck to return all the money due them has left him more favorably disposed toward the franchise?
  5. Well, that was embarrassing with a house full of snowed in kids: didn't realize that there was more than one noteworthy Kelly Stafford when I googled her image.
  6. Wonder if this news impacts the Lions' asking price for Stafford?
  7. Heartbreaking and depressing to hear this, Flop. Ashamed to admit it but I'm so glad my daughter, who graduates from college in May, no longer is impacted by stuff like this. I'd love to hear what the teachers of these elite schools think about the reduction/elimination of admissions standards.
  8. $10 month with fairly rare extra contributions (if all agree) when the pot gets huge. We hadn't done one of those in a long while until last week.
  9. My box #97 looks like a sure fire winner, assuming 2 first quarter safeties.
  10. I guess maybe I was assuming @Judge Smails would join us and make 28. After all, he certainly wouldn't want to be left out after he's gone to the trouble to check into us.
  11. I want to say about 28. The number has fluctuated over the years but usually been around 28-30 for the last several.
  12. I'm "the guy" and I admit my phrasing wasn't the best. In addition, I'm not saying that I wouldn't do the same things Watson has done/is doing regarding the situation if I were in his shoes. I'm just saying that, as a GM, that is one potential problem I would prefer not to deal with if I could help it. I understand that many others don't see it as a problem or risk.
  13. Voted Watson for the surer thing but am second guessing myself. Supposedly, Watson got his feelings hurt by recent Houston management decisions. Who is to say that he won't have similar problems with some of my decisions down the road? Who needs it.
  14. Going to be great to follow your story. Thanks for letting us share.
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