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  1. Jackson is 34. Not many 34 year old RBs are able to contribute at a high level. Betting on Fred Jackson to be the exception is bad business. Ray Rice looked GREAT in his last full preseason before averaging 3.1 ypc at age 27. I understand the love all Bills fans have for Fred..but he is still a 34 year old RB. 34...
  2. Agreed. And going to a team out of the division and conference would be a plus. Maybe he'll show he's a better player than Lynch yet again while he's there.
  3. Davante may not have Jordy's top end speed, but his measurables compare favorably to Packers legend Sterling Sharpe. I'm excited to see what the kid can do. In college he was a TD machine.
  4. Latest from Rotoworld. Is Hillman a threat to this guy? 9News' Mike Klis said Broncos RB Ronnie Hillman is now the "1B runner behind C.J. Anderson."Hillman has been electric this preseason, averaging 7.5 yards on his 16 carries. The hot start has allowed Hillman to blow past Montee Ball on the depth chart, and it appears he is in a position to steal carries from Anderson as well. Hillman has struggled before when given big workloads and lacks the ideal size to be a true feature back, but he is a great change of pace option who can rip off big chunk plays. If Anderson falters, Hillman has the talent to pick up the slack.Aug 24 - 11:42 AMSource: 9News
  5. Any reason why his production fell off a cliff last season prior to the injury?
  6. 4 for 40 as he slowly knocks the rust off. I love the kid in Dynasty.
  7. I own him in two leagues. The above is absolutely accurate. Great example that all the physical prowess in the world won't compensate for lack of brain power at the WR position. I'm not sure I agree with this. I think it is a physical problem in that he isn't getting the same separation in camp as the guys in front of him. That seems to be the consensus from the people following Vikings camp. And this is just my personal opinion, but I thought he looked very awkward catching that TD the other night. The route itself was beautiful, but the way he came down with the ball just didn't look like a smooth or natural motion. I'm holding him through the preseason to see if maybe he catches lightning in a bottle
  8. My only concern with Abdullah is his frustrating tendency to fumble. In the NFL, you won't play for long if you keep putting the ball on the carpet.
  9. Not really. DGB is much faster. And quicker..And a much smoother route runner...He's just a far better athlete. Not all 6'5, 235lb people are created equal.
  10. I just noticed that two footballguys writers have Yeldon rated as the #4 rated RB in all of Dynasty Football within the past week 8/8 and 8/4. That would be Chad Parsons and Daniel Simpkins. I would love to know what they know that I do not. The only backs both have rated higher are Bell, Lacy, and Gurley...talk about your bold rankings.
  11. I want to see some reports that he looks good running the ball. While being a great blocker will keep him on the field for more downs, it doesn't really matter if he can't run it. He's a player I'm really looking forward to seeing in games. FWIW, the fans who are in training camp seem to think he is clearly the best RB on the team.
  12. Tebow is reportedly looking solid in Eagles camp. Offering a late pick for him might not be a bad idea.
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