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  1. All hope is not lost Jets fans, for you still have a semi-competent backup in Trevor Siemian. After his first week playing, you'll probably ask yourself why he's not a starting QB in this league? Though, he will do some things that will absolutely drive you mad. a) He will throw to the check down even if another receiver is open 15 yards down the field. b) On third and five, expect a two yard dump-off, followed by an immediate tackle. Siemian will then shrug his shoulders on his way to the sidelines and say, "Awww shucks." c) He will not improve during the season. Ins
  2. Phase 4 movies seem to be about establishing new characters for the most part. I do think though, that Black Panther will play a significant role in the upcoming Falcon and Winter Soldier show.
  3. Wow, another failed Belichick protege. I'm sure nobody could see this coming... The Patriot way is Belichick's game planning and Tom Brady.
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