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  1. I think he'd have to blow up for most people to believe this. As a 4th round pick he's going to be viewed as replaceable unless he does something really terrific.
  2. AJ side for me, he's the best piece, though I like Sanders a good bit more than Conner, so seems fair enough.
  3. Yeah that's pretty darn good for a starting RB.
  4. So undrafted and signed by the 9ers. Like his highlights but would have to be a really deep league to be considered id think.
  5. "That'll do, pig. That'll do." Great flick, nominated for Best Picture which I thought was awesome.
  6. Just went 3.01. I had him targeted at 3.06...:kicksrocks:
  7. Was traded straight up for the 1.02 a couple of weeks ago in one of my leagues. Think I'd rather have the 1.02 but seemed fair.
  8. Gallup probably won't bring you much either. All 3 of those guys are kind of a hold I think unless you get someone who believes in them.
  9. Just took him at 2.06, didn't think he'd be there at 3.06. Psyched to see what he can do.
  10. Love Hereditary, one if my faves of the last few years. Recently re-watched The Witch, another of my faves. Very slow burn but I love the atmosphere.
  11. Nothing of note to add here other than a long ways back I interviewed with this company. They also do amazing trips to Antarctica for like 20k per person. Pretty much my dream vacation, though for some odd reason the wife does not share my enthusiasm for traveling to the coldest place on earth with the hope of gazing at penguins, whales & leopard seals for hours on end.
  12. Awesome thread. Making Movies is still heavily in my rotation, both Skateaway and Romeo are in my top 20ish songs I think. I can't get bored of them. Loving AC/DC this high as well.
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