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  1. Starting him with injury/bye issues. Just get me 10-12 points, anything else is gravy (I do love gravy though, so feel free to pour away.)
  2. Can't see the NFL letting him step on a field with all these legal issues. I'd be shocked if he played 1 snap this season (unless he settles.)
  3. You pretty much nailed it, but I'd maybe bump it up to 3, 3.5 based on the atmosphere which I enjoyed, and that one last shot which I thought was awesome.
  4. I thought rookie contracts were 4 years, wouldn't that put him at about 27 when he's a FA? I do agree it's not optimal, but still could have a lot of relevance with his 2nd contract IMO.
  5. Not enough, and I have Javonte in multiple dynasty leagues and love him. One can make an argument that Chase is the #1 dynasty asset after this start, he has to add more.
  6. Just read HC is "hopeful" he can play... so saying there's a chance at least lol.
  7. Starting him in 2 leagues, seemed to be involved enough last week, hoping it continues. This season has been a bloodbath for me at TE.
  8. Gonna start him over Jamaal Williams at flex. Dunno what to expect really but Jamaal seems to have kinda flatlined last couple of weeks.
  9. Looks like he was at practice, didn't see if he was participating fully yet.
  10. Hopefully this resonates with the coaching staff. Lol.
  11. Eagles on pace for 4 total RB rushes. Man.
  12. Agree and I'm a big Williams fan. May be worth waiting till next season when he probably has the gig to himself, value may be closer then.
  13. It's weird because up until this season he's been kinda QB proof. Never once had a great QB and yet still put up strong #2 numbers by end of year. To me he was one of the safer bets at WR, but I certainly blew it on that call.
  14. With Golladay hurt, ARob MIA, I'm starting him this week as my #3. Seems like he may be developing an okay floor for 5 for 60 or so. The Renfrow comp definitely resonates.
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