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  1. Just read HC is "hopeful" he can play... so saying there's a chance at least lol.
  2. Starting him in 2 leagues, seemed to be involved enough last week, hoping it continues. This season has been a bloodbath for me at TE.
  3. Gonna start him over Jamaal Williams at flex. Dunno what to expect really but Jamaal seems to have kinda flatlined last couple of weeks.
  4. Looks like he was at practice, didn't see if he was participating fully yet.
  5. Hopefully this resonates with the coaching staff. Lol.
  6. Agree and I'm a big Williams fan. May be worth waiting till next season when he probably has the gig to himself, value may be closer then.
  7. It's weird because up until this season he's been kinda QB proof. Never once had a great QB and yet still put up strong #2 numbers by end of year. To me he was one of the safer bets at WR, but I certainly blew it on that call.
  8. With Golladay hurt, ARob MIA, I'm starting him this week as my #3. Seems like he may be developing an okay floor for 5 for 60 or so. The Renfrow comp definitely resonates.
  9. Yeah this guy could burn out real fast.
  10. Gaskin killing me. Sat him in the 2 leagues I have him, playing against him in 3. Lol this is hilarious. Maybe he's good trade bait now.
  11. This is very surprising to me. Thought he would flame out this week, boy was I wrong.
  12. Think I'd pay a 2nd to get Gaskin off my roster, so we'll done Team A.
  13. Horror short written by a bot. Netflix supposedly had the bot watch 400,000 hours of horror movies and had it write its own short: https://nerdist.com/article/netflix-bot-written-horror-movie/ Title: Mr. Puzzles Wants You to Be Less Alive It's awesome, hilarious, almost makes me think it's faked. You can clearly pick out the films it's taking from, as well as some overused tropes.
  14. Yes, eagerly anticipating this lol.
  15. Maybe Rian Johnson for the two Knives Out sequels? Think he pocketed 100 mill himself and overall NF is spending 450+mill, which seems quite extravagant for these types of films. Exclusivity is definitely a huge factor in these deals I think.
  16. In one league where we're all friends since high school, I change my team name every week to something about the guy I'm playing. This week it's "Charli to the Main Stage" Charli is his 17 year old daughter. We have a text thread where we rib each other constantly. Football comes second in this league.
  17. I have to start him this week out of desperation instead of intelligence. Hoping Shepherd/Slayton sit one more week and they feed Toney. Liked what I saw, pretty dynamic player.
  18. Any way you could do a quick trade and get something for Murray, then pick up Collins? Murray + a WR for an upgrade at WR? Murray's technically a starting RB and not worthless. I like Collins if he gets chances but Murray's role seems reasonably solid (though certainly a capped ceiling), while Collins needs help to be productive.
  19. This guy's been slow and steady all year. After losing AJB, Jeudy he's helped me stay competitive. One of the more under the radar producers out there.
  20. I have Henderson in 1 league and would hold for a 2nd. For 2 seconds I'd be tempted as I'm fairly deep at RB, but would probably try and get a 1st and maybe toss in something on my end.
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