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  1. Literally. Goes back to the days when I was scoring with pen/paper using the USA Today stat boxes. Everyone pretty much did RB/RB in those times. One year I went Herman Moore/Carl Pickens with my 1st 2 picks and people freaked out. Good times.
  2. Not sure if this is accurate but a PFF article on the 2012 season lists the top 5 drop leaders for WRs as Wes Welker, Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Victor Cruz and Erik Decker. Solid list of players.
  3. I have Robinson in one league and would take a 2nd if I thought it would be relatively early. A first and I'd break my hand smashing accept.
  4. Just hoping he gets some time with the 1s soon. Needs all the practice reps he can get.
  5. Sounds fair enough to me. Have him in one league and would probably keep him over the pick but if I was rebuilding I'd consider.
  6. 3 episodes in on Katla, an Icelandic sci-fi mystery thriller of sorts on Netflix. Slow build but well shot. I'm enjoying so far.
  7. I took him 1.09 recently in a 1 QB league where I have Watson and nothing else. Would have considered him even if I was strong at the position though.
  8. Just hoping he's not a flavor of the week. I'll be salty if I bid cheddar him and he ends up falling to pieces.
  9. First 2 seasons I absolutely adore. Other seasons are good as well, but those first two...
  10. Anyone try "Calls" on Apple+? More like a podcast than a tv show. Fairly creepy, follows loosely connected phone calls with a Twilight Zone type vibe. Episodes are pretty short. I dug it.
  11. That's pretty awesome. Would love it if Aaron wore it.
  12. Watched first 4 or so and then trailed off... love the genre and interesting premise but wasn't enamored with it. With season 2 coming maybe I'll finish the first one if I run out of other stuff.
  13. I like HBO Max as it carries a decent selection from Turner Classic Movies.
  14. Classy. Was so much fun to watch at his peak, could have had a much better career.
  15. Depends on what you think of Pittman I guess (and where the 1st is expected to be). Cohen/Roundtree don't move the needle at all for me. If Pittman pays off could be a win/win.
  16. That wasn't the original argument, however. The original statement was a 3 time pro bowler doesn't belong in the HOF, when there are a few (Art Monk is another, and IIRC Lynn Swan?) I wouldn't put Tiki in personally, I'd probably put someone like Shaun Alexander in over him, but that's just me.
  17. Thought the same, not bad, not great. First was best by a decent margin IMO, starting to feel a bit forced.
  18. Wow, Titans with two studs. Wonder if they open the offense up more with Julio.
  19. Is he strictly a handcuff? I think he could potentially have flex capability even with Akers healthy. Thought he looked pretty good last year. What's his upside in touches per game with Akers starting? I'd guess 12ish but that's not really based on anything tangible.
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