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  1. That is what I suspect, yes. But lots of teams have not proven themselves that smart. Perfect example was a few weeks ago throwing Steelers throw to Diontae down by 2 scores on the last play of the game and he gets hurt. Teams absolutely should be taking it easy if they are not in contention for the 1 seed but are likely in the playoffs. Will they or will it be more subtle, don't know yet. Probably subtle this year with smarter decisions in future years.
  2. 17 game schedule, 14/32 teams make the playoffs. If you don’t get the 2 1 seeds, you’re just another of 12 or playoff teams that has to win 4 games to win it all. I think this is fantasy relevant in that some teams may glide some later in the year. At least I know I would consider that if I wanted my players healthy for the playoffs. Yeah?
  3. Used Off: Atlanta, Seattle, Arizona, Buffalo, Minnesota Def: LA Rams, Cleveland, Carolina, Buffalo, New England week 6 Off: Cincinnati Def: Indianapolis
  4. ffpc ppr A (contender) gets Michael Thomas, 2022 2 B (rebuilder) gets JK Dobbins
  5. 12 team ppr A (contender) gets Myles Gaskin B (rebuild) gets Elijah Moore
  6. Some of us need these kinds of ridiculous breaks to have a shot at winning their fantasy games lol
  7. Sucks when people that seem okay reveal themselves as pieces of garbage
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