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  1. yeah I suppose that would make some sense for the 1.1 guy, but seems light regardless
  2. just saw 2 inexplicable moves to start a rookie draft just now guy gave up the 1.1 for 1.4, 2.9, and Albert O then the person trading up takes ETN lol
  3. Houston is bad but those other teams might all be a bit tougher than you think
  4. Don’t think he will play again for GB. The fault lies with the team here. You have an MVP QB and this is how you treat him? Fail.
  5. Seems like a typical Pats draft of letting value fall to them
  6. Yeah I’m not sure there is much left to be excited about in this class undrafted. maybe a couple crazy athletes at WR and running back depth chart filler
  7. Both seem like not need picks but it’s the 4th round so who knows
  8. Yep the lions are having a terrific draft
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