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  1. Hi this is Pam Oliver here in front of the camera on the Rams sideline with Sam Darnold and Dan Arnold. Guys what’s the plan in front of these fans to beat the jam coverage today?
  2. I'm starting to think maybe we should trust the NFL scouts a little more on this guy. I'm getting some Stefon Diggs vibes, and I am moving up my rankings to maybe WR7 so far.
  3. I’m going to go ahead and move him up to the top tier wr group
  4. CC: projects the falcons to trade back to 8 me: ok cool CC: to pick a RB me: lol yeah no chance wtf nobody picks a rb at 8
  5. https://twitter.com/PFF_College/status/1365330786405273602 PFF Draft on Twitter: "Most 15+ yard catches in a season by a power five WR: 46 - Ja'Marr Chase, LSU ('19) 45 - Mike Williams, Clemson ('16) 44 - DeVonta Smith, Alabama ('20) 39 - Amari Cooper, Alabama ('14) 38 - Justin Jefferson, LSU ('19) https://t.co/gPZBYkm6kS" / Twitter
  6. For example trying to get rid of Darrell Henderson but nobody is paying a 3rd in my league. I could get a 2022 3rd but maybe I should trade a better asset and hold DH instead.
  7. I hadn’t thought much about the notion of trading a valuable piece for a high pick to get down to 16 as opposed to just trading/cutting the 17th etc best player on your team. That’s an interesting idea particularly if you have a very deep team.
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