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  1. 4 minutes ago, FreeBaGeL said:

    Only thing I can think of is that the guy with 1.01 was happy with any of the big 3 (Chase/Harris/Pitts) and the 1.04 guy said he was going to take ETN in the trade offer.

    Still seems like even in that case he could have gotten more than 2.09 to drop back to 1.02 or 1.03, but maybe he had already tried.

    yeah I suppose that would make some sense for the 1.1 guy, but seems light regardless

  2. 32 minutes ago, BobbyLayne said:

    Yeah, very true. It's possible this ends up being beneficial for both of them.

    Also, probably nobody cares one way or another, I'm really proud that they moved the face of the franchise and had zero drama. Look at what's going on in Green Bay, Houston, Seattle, and has happened often in the past when a franchise all-time great tried to move on (or vice versa.) It's really cool that they were able to accommodate Stafford, he's got a great opportunity to get a ring, we got a truckload of value for him, and everyone said goodbye on good terms. He's a good dude and I am happy for him that it worked out better than anyone could have imagined.

    That's for sure. Well handled all around.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Dacomish said:

    Not involved:

    Team A got: Mike Davis, Clyde Edwards-Helare, Jarvis Landry, Mike WIlliams and 2.16

    Team B got: Justin Jefferson and 1.02

    At first I was like whoa and then when you break down the trade into pieces - 1.02 for CEH and Jefferson for the rest its not so bad. 

    however to note - It is a TE Premium league at 1.5 PPR (.5 for RB and 1 ppr for WR - TE's are not mandatory start just as a WR/TE flex) so Team B will likely get Pitts as the 1,01 is desperate for a RB and will most likely take Harris. 

    Jefferson for the rest is really bad

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  4. 12 hours ago, Hot Sauce Guy said:

    Wow - that is a somewhat toothless schedule. 

    I also forgot to mention that they played much of the year without Bosa, Kittle, Debo, Aiyuk, Mostert, Wilson & a host of others.  And they still managed to win enough games to pick 12th.

    I don’t see a path to a top 5 pick for the Dolphins, but of course it’s possible. 

    Houston is bad but those other teams might all be a bit tougher than you think

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