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  1. took over an orphan FFPC rebuild gave 2022 2 got Mike Williams, 4.5
  2. I'll post the 2nd one as its a "real" trade in the dynasty trade thread as that might elicit discussion. I have done 2 small trades on that $1 team I bought. I gave Latavius Murray for Greg Zuerlein lol needed a K gave 2022 2 for Mike Williams and 4.5
  3. No response so far, so I'm guessing that was a no in my league
  4. Yeah I’m not paying a top 5 pick. So not buying him I guess.
  5. Let's play 'I would pay pick ____ for AJ Dillon' I'll say 1.9
  6. Let me go see if I can pay Andrews for CEH straight up cuz I seriously doubt it
  7. Having 3 WR older than you all good enough to be getting drafted in the top 15 of round 1 makes for a pretty hard lineup to crack.
  8. Denver has possibly the deepest set of skill players in the league at WR/RB/TE. If they got better qb play, it would be a fun offense.
  9. Ridley side and Adams side. Adams deal is closer but still light.
  10. Also I just bought a dumpster fire of a $250 team for $1 I have AJ Brown and Justin Herbert and the 1.2/2.2 and that's about it
  11. I prefer 1qb, but if superflex is preferred by majority, I am game.
  12. Tie goes to Terrace frocking Marshall imo. Not really but he’s a stud.
  13. Sure, I would play a $250 dynasty. Dead money has entered the chat.
  14. Hi this is Pam Oliver here in front of the camera on the Rams sideline with Sam Darnold and Dan Arnold. Guys what’s the plan in front of these fans to beat the jam coverage today?
  15. I'm starting to think maybe we should trust the NFL scouts a little more on this guy. I'm getting some Stefon Diggs vibes, and I am moving up my rankings to maybe WR7 so far.
  16. I’m going to go ahead and move him up to the top tier wr group
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