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  1. It’s always correct to write a whole paragraph about how Trubisky sucks
  2. yeah not selling Irv anytime soon and would buy if possible
  3. You have a good point. ~80 catches is pretty awesome in ppr out of a rb. I would expect 2 more seasons of that and then I don't know.
  4. I don't know. If the 1.5 was offered to me today, I probably would not accept it. I would for the 1.3 or better. So I guess I value him much higher than you do.
  5. Also at least Christian Ponder, Tim Tebow, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, and Paxton Lynch really should not have been drafted in the first round. Dak Prescott and Russell Wilson maybe should have been.
  6. In a perfect world, they would build a great team and then get the qb. If they do that, team might get good in a few seasons. But if you have a good team, you aren't picking 2nd overall. You find the qb and everything else can happen after that. You can open a decade+ long window of adding surrounding talent.
  7. Take the Jets for example. They picked Sanchez 5, and he wasn’t very good. They picked Darnold top 3 and he’s not the answer. Should they draft the qb they are highest on with pick 2 in this deep qb draft or just do something different because it didn’t work before? They’re not going anywhere until they get the qb so they need to draft whichever guy they feel has the most promise at 2.
  8. Rookie pay scale has made taking more shots at qb a better strategy for a franchise. Does that align with short term gm and coach plans? Maybe not but it’s very difficult to win consistently or win a super bowl without great qb play. Keep drafting them. Knowing what to look for obviously helps as well.
  9. Not a huge Ruggs believer, but probably too early to throw in the towel on Jeudy and Reagor and maybe Ruggs as well. Ruggs was over 2 inches taller than Tyreek at the combine. I’m pretty sure Waddle is much closer to Tyreeks build.
  10. I don’t have anything insightful to add right at this second, but I do want to subscribe to this thread.
  11. I think I’m snapping Waddle at 6 here. He seems to be the closest, albeit not quite there, guy to Tyreek Hill among recent wannabes.
  12. Smart team like SF, Pit, NE won’t let him escape round 1
  13. I think you can just reply with your rejection saying that the offer is plenty fair, but you will not trade Mahomes for anything.
  14. This is bs rumors season leading up to the draft. Trying to drum up trade interest or smokescreens or both. Everybody has Lawrence as the man. Wilson has potential to be very good as do a few other qbs. He should go to the Jets or Falcons I think. He might have some of the physical skills of Mahomes but that’s not the main reason Mahomes is MAHOMES. It’s his mentality and quick thinking.
  15. No way did ETN improve his draft stock. He might have been a late 1st early 2nd last year and will be similar this year. He got a college degree and played with his buddies in another championship game, which I'm sure had some value to him as he left lots of $ on the table.
  16. That gives us about 45 rookie threads. I am sure there are others deserving of threads, but that should be roughly anyone of impact at this stage of the offseason.
  17. Threads are made for the following players: QB Kyle Trask RBs Javian Hawkins, Khalil Herbert WRs Frank Darby, Tutu Atwell, Tyler Vaughns, Marquez Stevenson, Dyami Brown TE Hunter Long
  18. Long is a 6'5" 250 lb TE who broke out with 57/685/5 his junior year at BC. He is TE 4 in this class and an early-mid round pick for a TE needy team. He has a solid all around game that should translate to being a decent fantasy TE in years to come. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/hunter-long-nfl-draft-player-profile-boston-college-tight-end/
  19. Brown is a 6'1" 185 lb outside WR who put up 2 1000 yard seasons as a sophomore and junior at UNC. He is a great all around WR and deep threat who is rising up to day 2 status seemingly. Another WR to keep an eye on mid rounds of rookie drafts. https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/dyami-brown/9Hup8dWP3v
  20. Stevenson is a 5'10" 182 lb has a nice all around game who produced over multiple seasons at Houston. Draft expectations are middle rounds with so many good WR to choose from. He is another guy to take note of later in rookie drafts. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/marquez-stevenson-nfl-draft-player-profile-houston-wide-receiver/
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