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  1. yeah nfl teams are not interested in our fantasy teams, that is for sure
  2. is Trey Sermon more Akers/Hunt or Vaughn/Henderson?
  3. They need to draft some blockers today to make this move work
  4. Sad trombone move ETN and Robinson down a few spots in the dynasty rb rankings.
  5. Congrats Lions fans. Great pick. If you get like Elijah Moore or Terrace Marshall here in round 2, that’d be a huge boost to the offense.
  6. ppr A got Deebo Samuel, Ronald Jones B got James Robinson
  7. Pit and NYJ are a huge gap ahead of anyone else by need. Also I don’t think either of them would be wise to use a 1 on the position. Maybe a 2nd or 3rd would make sense for them and possibly some of these others.
  8. That seems, uh, not even close. 6.12 to move up 12 spots twice.
  9. I think it’s Brady but his teams are 25-4 in the playoffs when the opponent scores 23 points or less and just 9-7 when they score at least 24. That’s a lot of great defenses helping him out there.
  10. Albert O is a great stash in deeper dynasty leagues.
  11. He could get a lot of targets in Detroit. Miami or Cincy would be a lot fewer year 1.
  12. I was about to go make the same offer for Metcalf but I don’t want to insult the guy
  13. Couple head scratchers at WR but this is pretty cool.
  14. Seems cheap for a 24 year old pro bowl LT
  15. Bryce Love would have a lot more $ if he had gone pro, and he could afford to finish at Stanford now.
  16. Leaving early if they’re likely to be drafted at least in the 4th round is a smart financial decision particularly for running backs
  17. He might have given up too much overall, but how are the 1.3 and a 22 1st the other 2 top 3 pieces of this trade? Swift is > 1.3. Also either WR is > 22 1st.
  18. Texans have no 1 or 2 this year. With this debacle, they’re gonna be awful. If Watson is out this year, they’re looking at 1.1 favorites for next year. Hopefully they didn’t already trade that one too. I suspect there are a few highly rated qbs including the UNC kid.
  19. Yeah fair enough. More like a wr5 imo but same concept.
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