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  1. Yeah fair enough. More like a wr5 imo but same concept.
  2. Christian Kirk is an interesting case. Tantalizing at times, mostly frustrating. Good athlete, college stats and breakout, some solid NFL games, still 24 until mid season. But AZ clearly doesn’t want him to be their #1 WR. Not quite the WR6 like that one thread talks about. I probably will just hold where I have him.
  3. I bet I know who you have in mind and I really like him too.
  4. there once was a guy named nantucket, who gave up everything and said #### it I need derrick henry and I'll pay whatevers necessary now hes got 2 tears in a bucket or something like that
  5. I know this is kinda dumb and certainly wouldn't stop them from getting ETN if they wanted to, but Carlos Hyde is the backup at this point. Not great, but Meyer knows what he can do. I would not be terrified of Robinson getting replaced if I owned him. Wonder what it would take to buy him right now...
  6. This thread is hitting a little too close to home
  7. So I made 8 total trades before cutdown on that $250 orphan that I picked up for $1. Net I gave 1.2, 2.2, 3.10, 6.2, 22 2nd, 22 4th, 2022 7th and Latavius Murray for 1.3, 2.8, 2022 5th, Mikes Gaskin, Nyheim Hines, Carlos Hyde, Mike Williams, Jonnu Smith, Van Jefferson, and Greg the Leg. The Carlos Hyde trade was dumb as I ended up having to cut him. Overall I'm happy that I didn't burn too much draft capital to add viable players. Have some other plans, but don't want to divulge too much as NE Revival is in my league and ready to pounce My roster is bad but improving, and I thi
  8. I think this is fine for Edmonds and Conner will be a handcuff small piece of the rbbc. I don't think they will spend any draft capital that matters on another rb.
  9. The 1.6 and 2.6 are a huge gap that is not fair for Cook vs Taylor. Some people have Taylor over Cook straight up.
  10. Not that I think Trevor ain’t it but yeah SF is on the Fields train imo
  11. Just checked to make sure we were in the Waddle thread. Agreed.
  12. do they already have a guy? because if so, then I agree.
  13. ETN 2.2 is maybe interesting. Don’t use a 1st on a rb. Too many holes.
  14. Interesting. They would have to wait until Atlanta is on the clock to see if he’s there.
  15. Miles Sanders? Perhaps now is the time when I go buy him holy crap.
  16. SF is taking this kid at 3 right they're not really taking mac jones are they i sure hope they get this right for all they gave up
  17. just seems that the people calling the shots for the jets are much smarter than previous people. obviously qb at 1.2 will go a long way to deciding if they're good or not.
  18. Might as well say Williams, Waddle or Smith because the other 3 are never going to be there at 6 right
  19. Butler is a good one to discuss. I picked him 2.8 in one league. What was bad about his analytics profile? His combine was very good. Are you talking breakout age or stuff like that?
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