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  1. Not sure what happened there but Teddy threw an incomplete pass!
  2. I’m definitely not giving up but clearly Rudolph has got to go for him to get TE1 activity.
  3. Week 10 Off: GB Def: Bal Already used Off: SF, Dal, Sea, Cin, Min, Mia, Atl, Tenn, KC Def: Buf, Pit, LAC, TB, SF, NE, LAR, KC, Was
  4. I've been offered the following trade in FFPC league I give Ekeler I get Gurley, Ertz, Shenault Very tempted as it feels fair to me, but the whole best player wins these trades is making me hesitant. Would you accept?
  5. Congrats guys. You got a coach and a qb. That's more than half of the battle right there.
  6. No, that doesn't matter. What matters is a general sense of fair value at the time of the trade. If you like a guy better and want to trade for him, but he's roughly ranked 40 and the guy who you are giving away is roughly ranked 20, then you have to get more added to your side or else the trade is garbage. It doesn't matter what happens after the trade.
  7. just scrolled Brady game logs on pro football reference. have to go back to 2006 to find a gem like this or a 2009 playoff game
  8. lol Cbs showing this game anywhere outside Pittsburgh over the MIA AZ game
  9. So we’re on the same page basically. It’s a hard needle to thread.
  10. Yeah, fair point. 1/2 ppr looking at someone like Robert Woods or Thielen (I would likely do it) or Landry or Mike Williams (more meh), but ideally someone top 30.
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