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  1. Might as well say Williams, Waddle or Smith because the other 3 are never going to be there at 6 right
  2. Butler is a good one to discuss. I picked him 2.8 in one league. What was bad about his analytics profile? His combine was very good. Are you talking breakout age or stuff like that?
  3. Fair. It is a classic line and movie.
  4. Trade him to the Steelers or something for a 2nd rounder if they take Pitts 6.
  5. Isn’t 1.5 in SF more like 1.2? Think that is close to fair for CMC.
  6. My post about 2.1 was almost 2 months ago. I would break my keyboard at 2.1 now that we have more info on him and his speed. He's probably more like 1.6-1.9 barring some nfl draft anomaly.
  7. I'll recap the $1 team upgrade some time this week FFPC orphan rebuild continues gave 22 7th got N Hines
  8. FFPC orphan rebuild continues gave 22 7th got N Hines
  9. I know. But they should spread games out on Monday Tuesday like this year going forward if TV money is what they care about most.
  10. Hot take. All bye weeks should be like week 10, a break for every team.
  11. At this point I’m most curious what situation the RBs in tiers 2-4 end up in. That will really define round 2/3 for me. I suppose WR similarly but less so.
  12. I think you have a very good handle on things at this point. We’ll see what wrinkles the NFL draft throws at us all.
  13. First round looks pretty awesome at this point. After about Terrace Marshall, rookie drafts can go many different directions depending on position need and landing spot, but it’s a deep draft through round 2 into 3.
  14. How is Cincy going to decide between Chase, Pitts and Sewell?
  15. They might but Matt Ryan is not the problem there.
  16. So he’s not quite as big as he was listed but very athletic to offset that.
  17. I mean sure if Atlanta is in love with whichever qb is there at 4, then they take him and sit and learn for a year. If not, they should get a decent haul for the pick though I think.
  18. Someone is trading up for Fields or Lance at 4. Either Denver or someone else.
  19. Wow that is surprisingly good. What’s the ideal landing spot?
  20. and will we get all 5 top 8? seems very possible now 1 TLaw Jax 2 Wilson Jets 3 Lance SF 4 Fields Den trade up 8 Jones Car
  21. all of their pro days seemingly went very well while unlikely, its possible there are 5 hits here who is the bust if not?
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