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  1. Or Fields is who they think the Jets want so they are ignoring his pro day and drilling in on the other 3.
  2. I don’t understand all the Falcons have to take a qb at 4 also talk. I mean they might but it seems unlikely to me. Matt Ryan will be 36 but he’s still playing well. They need offensive line help if anything on the offense. Plus their defense needs help as usual. Sewell or trade down is what they should be doing.
  3. Same concept but 30 yards shorter. I think we know what Darnold is now. Unless a very strong organization makes a play for him, I think he’s backup/spot starter material at this point.
  4. this is another guy that we're too low on as a community hes probably going to be a day 2 pick
  5. I will admit it if turns out wrong, but I don’t think Miami has a RB need, certainly not with a 1st or 2nd round pick. Gaskin is the most underrated RB in the league right now.
  6. Even if (which they don’t) Jax wanted Fields they could trade Trevor for a lot of firsts from pretty much anyone.
  7. Chase Daniel continues his get paid millions by every team in the league to hold a clipboard tour.
  8. It could be the media catching up to the nfl scouts on Mac Jones going top 5, possibly to SF at 3.
  9. format matters here, but I would not trade JJ for the 1.2 and 1.12
  10. maybe I am crazy, but do not take him at 1.4. Maybe trade up a couple spots from 2.4 if you are determined to pick him.
  11. if they get Chase anyway, they got a free 2023 1st. smart.
  12. interesting stuff here qb/qb/qb Atl could be moving down next. Carolina or Denver... Cin Sewell Mia Chase
  13. Now is the time on sprockets when we LOL TEXANS for not taking the 4 1sts offers
  14. Well I’m taking that much off anyway. Hand timed are always faster than electronic times due to eyes being slower than lasers.
  15. I thought pro day times were supposed to be discounted by .05
  16. really think landing spot dependent here if he's the late 2nd rounder of say NO, GB or KC, then I have some interest in round 2
  17. I made the offer to 4 teams that could use him at qb and 1 accepted it. Kinda surprised me.
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