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  1. Interesting. A high score is a better sign than low is bad possibly. Really looks good for Pitts, no surprise. Not damning for Friermuth, but lets see how he tests athletically.
  2. Curious how Kelce, Kittle, Waller and others have done in that stat compared to this class to see if someone as low as Friermuth needs to be pushed down or not.
  3. Not nearly that valuable in 1qb leagues. SF I don’t know, maybe so. Also I would say those guys are lower than qb13-24 range, other than maybe Cam.
  4. So basically a 2/40 deal. Seems okay. Gives Daniel Jones a year or two more to prove what he is.
  5. it will always be DJ Moore, but still going to be annoying trying to figure out which D Moore caught that pass
  6. 1.9, 2.9, 22 1, 23 1 Tim Patrick and Okwuegbunam. who says no?
  7. FFPC Chris Godwin, 2022 2 for Hunter Henry, 1.8, 2.8, 2022 4
  8. off the cuff I would drop both like 7 spots in the RB rankings
  9. Drake to the Raiders, not good for him or JJ imo
  10. one more data point on this In FFPC, I offered Evans for Diontae and 3.2 and was declined as they said they prefer Diontae
  11. FFPC 2.2, 3.10 for Jonnu Smith, 2.8 FFPC 6.2 for C Hyde
  12. Seems like a bs ploy for $ or fame or whatever else I could be wrong of course but the timing and tone of it stinks
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