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  1. He’s got GB negotiating with multiple WR fwiw
  2. Hearing Chiefs Trent Williams rumors
  3. Why wouldn’t the LAC keep Henry? They have the space and Herbert. I suspect they will but who else would have the room? Seattle?
  4. Literally came to ask if H Henry or Jonnu would sign with NE
  5. Don’t care if people want to start trading
  6. Wake me up if KC drafts him in the mid rounds
  7. I'm in favor of keeping team names as forum names
  8. ffpc orphan rebuild continues I gave 1.2 I got 1.3, 3.3 I am happy with any of the big 3 RB or Chase or Pitts, so I will offer a similar deal to the 1.4 next.
  9. Maybe this is the way to the number 1 pick in 2022
  10. I would not count Jameis or Baker or Goff as busts, so hasn’t really been total busts in the last 30 years besides Jamarcus Russell and Tim Couch. 2007 class was absolute dog crap at qb and 1999 was an lol browns for not picking Mcnabb or Culpepper.
  11. I would do it Hunt is 26 years old and overvalued imo Allen is good but past prime
  12. The #1 pick is virtually never a bust at qb. There are plenty of other first round busts. Any qb needy team should go for it. I feel like we’ve had this same conversation several times.
  13. I thought 1.2 was the choice between Williams and Chase
  14. took over an orphan FFPC rebuild gave 2022 2 got Mike Williams, 4.5
  15. I'll post the 2nd one as its a "real" trade in the dynasty trade thread as that might elicit discussion. I have done 2 small trades on that $1 team I bought. I gave Latavius Murray for Greg Zuerlein lol needed a K gave 2022 2 for Mike Williams and 4.5
  16. No response so far, so I'm guessing that was a no in my league
  17. Yeah I’m not paying a top 5 pick. So not buying him I guess.
  18. Let's play 'I would pay pick ____ for AJ Dillon' I'll say 1.9
  19. Let me go see if I can pay Andrews for CEH straight up cuz I seriously doubt it
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