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  1. Its start from scratch. Every player is in the draft pool.
  2. I got the 6 spot in a 14 team superflex PPR. i am considering J Taylor or Zeke. We can keep players for 3 years. I like Najee but 6 is a bit too early. He will go by end of 1st tho. I would also consider karama but unless 2-3 qbs go before me he is gone. so, is taylor an overreach at 6? Zeke is around 6 adp. i am not considering qb cause there wont be much left at rb for my 2nd rd pick.
  3. I turned off everything I could find. Still same error. i'll just have to check for updates to the file on the site, hopefully get one close to or the day of my draft. Thanks.
  4. When i try to "get latest projections" in the VBD app, I keep getting a pop up error that says error getting projections - an unexpected error has occurred. I've tried different browsers to downlaod the spreadsheet, doesnt help. I saved it off under another name, doesnt help. It gets stuck and I have to use task manager to end excel. Is there some kind of firewall or something that could prevent this from working? I've tried about everything I know of.
  5. Have Henderson sitting on my bench as my RB5-6 in dynasty, what could he fetch me now? I couldnt even give him to the Akers owner a couple months ago. As for Rams, I think Lev Bell would be a better option than Gore or Gurley. Lev can catch it. But he is such a weirdo, and wont play unless he gets a bigger contract that comes with a July signing due to injury. Rams could just go with what they have, RBBC and hope it works out week to week. Let Stafford sling it 40+ times a game.
  6. Steelers wont touch him. They will go with Rudolph or Haskins for a year while a rookie QB learns/watches, or they sign a bg time FA QB, they'll have the $$ to spend.
  7. Houston? What are the chances he plays ever again. I say 0.2%. NFL owners care about $$$, and alienating all the women fans of your team doesnt equate to $$$.
  8. Ben said his arm is fine, recovered and ready to go. They wont be throwing 40+ times a game either. He'e fine.
  9. Only way Haskins doesnt make the team is if he pulls another bonehead move like he did in Worshington. There is a legit chance he is the Steelers starting QB in a year or two.
  10. Trade off Mixon to get a WR, you still have 4 strong RBs. He still has some cache, that team is still awful, with a bad OLine. Find a team to take him for a WR and win your league. Wilson is pretty useless now.
  11. I hear ya, I guess I should have just started with who would y'all trade in dynasty PPR, claypool or Juju? Both are in their early 20s. Many good years left. The names in and around their ranking are Galloway, Sutton, Aiyuk, Kupp, Lockett, Deebo and RBs are Hunt, Jacobs, Gaskins(yuck!). Thats why I figure I need to throw in the 2nd rd pick in 22. Try to get into the Higgins, McLaurin neighborhood. Although I doubt I can get McLaurin for that.
  12. I picked up Clayppol after a couple weeks last year with FA bidding. Had Juju on my team during the draft. I want to trade one this year, dont want 2 WRs from same team. Its a 12 team dynasty league, full PPR. I just missed playoffs last year, no Barkley hurt. I have Herbert and Ryan , Barkley , Montgomery , J Williams (drafted this year), Mike Evans , Juju/ Claypool , Samuels , Gallup , Rondale Moore , Amari Rogers , Irv Smith and Fant . I would like anyone of about equal value for either of the steeler WRs. I have any extra 2nd round pick next year to sweeten the deal. What RB or WR is in that range? Rankings seem to say one thing but owners say another.
  13. Who is going to play in the middle for the Rams now Kiser is out a few weeks at least?
  14. Last 7 weeks, and I know there is a bye in there, he has gotten 5 pts in my league, 1 tackle, 1 assist and 1 fumble recov. Hardly worth keeping around, but he'll spark up when I cut him. 🙂
  15. Does Justin Houston still play for the Colts?
  16. Whats up with Cory Littleton in LV? Hardly any tackles in 2 weeks. Whats the deal with Darian Thompson in DAL? He had 1 rush and 1 assist this week? We start 2 DL, LB and DB each, and 1 flex. Littleton was my first LB/IDP taken and he is killing me. Is the LV using him less? And Thompson had a huge week 1, but was invisible week 2. I didnt see the DAL game, not sure what happened there vs a passing team like ATL, I expected big numbers. Lastly, how long is LVE out? And is Avery Williamson back for the Jets? He had a couple tackles this week. And Campbell for ARZ, anything to see there? Sorry for so many questions, but I am 0-2 and just lost my SFlex QB(Lock). I am up against it now.
  17. They used to do a couple IDP podcasts during preseason, but I dont see any this year. Maybe its due to lack of info on defenses since there are no preseason games.
  18. Bradham isnt good. If I am philly I go with G-Hill a bit longer, its not like they are sitting down D Leonard in order to play Hill.
  19. If you can, wait to see who I add this week....and AVOID them, then once I cut them after 2-3 weeks of nothingness, grab them cause they are about to go off! This is the worst season I can recall since I started leagues back in the 90s. I cant make a correct move.
  20. So who replaces Zach Brown in philly now? Kamu Grugier-Hill gonna have more tackles now?
  21. I think 2, two 4s, 6, 7 They should get a 3rd rd comp pick for Lev Bell.
  22. got outbid for KJ and Wilson, ended up with Okereke for a price of $5(out of $1000 season FAAB).
  23. Everywhere I look, I see Mack Wilson for LB in Cleveland. What happened to Takitaki? I was reading he is a tackling machine. Is Wilson legit? I try not to watch Browns games, uniforms give me headaches. Wilson or KJ Wright?
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