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  1. Thanks for this. I don’t agree with all of them but this is a terrific read and I love how you explain the rankings. Great stuff.
  2. Disagree about the coach. Fisher is really good. The only reason you guys have gurley or any shred of optimism is the result of him being there. Think I have to disagree with "really good" as a way to describe Fisher. He's getting humiliated almost on a weekly basis at this point, he has to take some of the blame here.
  3. It was a relatively weak TE class but I do like this guy long term. I've taken him in the third round of several rookie drafts. I don't expect much this year, but a year or so from now I think he could pay nice dividends.
  4. What an awesome thing to do. I really dig this guy.
  5. I would give that for Hopkins. Me too, and it would be an easy decision to make.
  6. Bump Cameron and Hawkins (& whoever they draft/sign?)
  7. Technically, Stewart already had a breakout year in 2009 with 1200+ total yds and 11 TDs, though at this point the ship may have sailed on him being a genuine lead back. Still, if you have him, you have to be mildly hopeful about next season.
  8. A lot of good being around a team did for Josh Gordon. He's gone through three iterations of teams, and that wasn't enough. At some point, it's not the NFL's fault, it's not the NFLPA's fault, it's not the team's fault, it's not society's fault. At some point, the focus has to square on the individual, and he has to own that he has a problem, and he has to make it a point to do something about it. On his own. yes, it's 100% his fault, but don't you think he has better odds of turning things around if he's around the team and the thing he loves. How many chances do you think a guy should get?
  9. Yeah, that's odd that Robinson is being drafted so much higher in DLF mocks because in all my rookie drafts Lee has been drafted first and in most cases quite a bit ahead. Yeah, Robinson was after Lee in my 4 dynasty drafts, though the two were usually only separated by a few picks. I like both quite a bit actually for dynasty purposes.
  10. I have to disagree with Bloom on this one, Josh Gordon isn't making typical mistakes a 23 year old makes who has the life that Josh Gordon has. There is nothing typical about Gordon. He is arguably the best WR in the NFL, he has the chance to make millions upon millions of $$$$. Gordon might be 23 years old, but there is nothing typical about him. Gordon was given the golden egg and he dropped it.Not sure where Bloom is coming from here. Nothing about his string of behaviors is typical, especially in light of his circumstances. I will be extremely surprised if that quote was actually from Bloom. That's a pretty asinine statement.Unfortunately, no. Bloom has been all over twitter today talking about how this is pretty "standard" and "typical" for people in their 20s. Here is a guy who represents FBG and relies on data to support his arguments and, yet, the data in the US in no way supports anything he says about this being standard or typical rap sheets of 20 year olds. Agree. And if this behavior was standard wouldn't most NFL players then be facing the same suspension Gordon is, or at least many of them? The fact that he is in the vast minority of NFL players who is in this boat seems to point to him being atypical.
  11. Yep, so he's thrown away 2nd chances before. There it is again. There's nothing new in what you posted. People are speculating Gordon is in stage 3 is because, last year, Gordon said he thought his next suspension would be for 1 year. I don't get why people are acting like this isn't a very good thing to base this on. The person himself saying it. Yes but he was high at the time, so you can't take what he's saying literally.
  12. I think Julio is probably in the first tier of dynasty studs, with AJ, Calvin, Dez, DT. Jeffery is one notch below. Still great, but you'd have to make up a little to even it out.
  13. Not this again...Now is a good time for a rock bottom offer. He could surprise and actually perform this year. I hope so...this will be his 7th season in the league. HES DUE FOR A BREAKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111 In Stewart's defense, he did have a breakout year already with 1200+ yds and 11 TDs... in 2009, a year before the first ipad was introduced.
  14. If healthy, I'd be interested to see what sort of role Bradshaw will have. He looked good last year for couple of games he was healthy... I suppose it's too much to ask for 12-13 games from him but it'd be nice to see what he could do.
  15. I think the jury's still out on Ellington. I mean he had over 1000 combined yds his rookie season on (very) limited usage. He doesn't need that many more touches to suddenly become extremely fantasy relevant. He looks explosive to me, and with just a little improvement he could be a great ppr RB. Also, I don't even think we know what Vereen's upside is quite yet because injuries have derailed him much of his career. A healthy Vereen could be notching 65+ catch seasons, but we may never see what he could have been with all these iinjuries.
  16. 15 to 20 more touchdowns is being modest?
  17. if he doesn't get popped before training camp, yes.Time to let this go....its a non issue how can you be so sure? relapses are common for people who "quit" doing drugs Yeah, I don't know how anyone, even Gordon himself, could be sure at this point that he'll never, ever screw up again. We've seen it happen enough to know it's at least a possibility, so I'd disagree with anyone saying it's a complete non-issue.
  18. He was moved a couple of days ago in one of my leagues (I wasn't involved). Trade was Patterson, 3rd rounder for Rueben Randle, Ertz, 2nd rounder. In another league I was offered Patterson for Robert Woods and my 1st (I have the 1.03). I declined. I like Patterson but Woods looked the part as well to me and I like the 1.03.
  19. Top 5 dynasty WR? Very few players I would trade him for...
  20. He was throwing some great blocks last night as well. Really love watching him play. Hopefully he heals up soon and gets a better team around him at some point.
  21. He's painful to watch right now. Hoping he can turn it around as I've invested in him heavily but he just doesn't look like he's any good at the moment.
  22. way too early to tell either way. some guys take a year or two of seasoning. Jury is still out and probably will be for a while yet IMO.The Austin backers were telling us all how he would have an immediate impact. The fact that we are talking about players needing seasoning and time was a point brought up by several others but they ignored.That's a good point for sure, but long term I don't think we know just yet. I would have a hard time guaranteeing any rookie WR would have an immediate impact.
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