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  1. 👍 They give you a wristband, and it is good for whatever ticket you have. I have a 4 day pass, and a seat, so I will have that colored wristband. They always let people come and go there. They will also be putting a wellness wristband on us. They put them tight enough on you that you can't take it off and put it back on. If you were to take it off or lose it, you would have to buy a new ticket.
  2. I took the wagon in Monday. I only saw the son that works there that morning, and he was nicer than usual to me. I picked it up later in the day, and the woman told me they put in a new distributor from a different product line, and the new sensor is still in the car. I never saw the man/owner who yelled at me. So far it is running fine. This morning I am getting it aligned, tires rotated (which is free, cause I got the tires there), new rotors, and new brake pads. This is being done at the place where I usually buy my tires. I always take Wilma the Wagon to the Merlefest, and use it as a camping vessel. This year we aren't staying at the campground, although we still have a reservation, and it is too late to get a refund. We are staying at a mountain farm house about 20 minutes away. The old dog is traveling with us, so we wanted a safe environment for her. The house is close enough to leave the festival for a bit to let the dog out to potty, and then return back to the festival. Plus, with Covid spreading like wildfire here, we don't have to share a bathroom/shower with tons of other people, and ride on that old church bus with many others. I am nervous about going to the festival. I am fully vaccinated, but I still am uneasy about it. You have to show proof of being fully vaccinated, or having a negative test within the last 72 hours, and wear a mask inside any of the buildings, but vaccinated people can carry it, and negative tests can become positive on another day, and the festival is 3.5 days. I am going to skip Sunday's shows. The festival is spread across a college campus that is in the foothills. Most of the stages are outside. A couple days ago, I bought some walkie talkies during a Lightning Deal on Amazon. I think they would be fun to communicate with each other with instead of using our cell phones while at the festival. It just dawned on me today that I may be the only one excited to use them. They are cute and colorful. I need to figure out how to use privacy codes.
  3. @Sinn Fein Blast from the past. The ticket was ripped in half by the usher, but you can see part of the name. I have no idea what happened to the other ticket, and it's surprising that one survived. It cost $18.50 to see the GD in 1989.
  4. I don't know what this boyfriend/fiance has told his parents and lawyer, but if someone I was with disappeared, I would be frantically searching for them, and I would call the police, their parents, friends, etc. If we got in an argument and that person left on their own, I would still be searching for them. I would never leave someone, and cross the country and go back home without them. If I found them and they refused to go, I would call their parents. He didn't report her missing, her parents did. He knows her parents, but isn't giving them information. The mother last spoke to her daughter on the 25th of August. She only got a text on the 27th and 30th I think, and she isn't sure if it was her daughter who sent them. Her daughter went radio silent, and the boyfriend/fiance is back home without her, and he isn't talking. I see a lot of red flags.
  5. I had a light blue bus with a white top. It is my favorite vehicle I have ever owned. It burned oil bad, but it was so much fun. I sold it for $350, before I moved to Florida to do my internship.
  6. @Sinn Fein Do you remember a building beside or near the Hampton Coliseum, and people were in there drinking (I think it served drinks), and there was a room that had a lot of red in it? Like red velvet furniture? I always have a faint memory of being in that building.
  7. I was at both of these shows in Hampton. I still have my ticket that says Warlocks on it. Their original name was the Warlocks, but they changed it to Grateful Dead. Anyway, it was so obvious the Grateful Dead were back in Hampton, because the Dead Heads were everywhere again, and holding up one finger or with a sign that says, "I Need a Miracle," meaning they want a free ticket. Hampton, Va originally didn't want them back, because previously some of the Dead Heads dirtied up local fast food restaurant bathrooms by taking bird baths in their sinks, not disposing of trash, etc. This was when a new generation of people became "Dead Heads" and some of these people were not good citizens. They started giving Dead Heads a bad name, and causing trouble outside of shows.
  8. I think the Grateful Dead had a great groove, especially their live shows. Someone could go to one of their shows and not know a single song, but dance along to the music cause of the groove of the music. Jerry Garcia was a unique guitar player, and his sound just flowed. I started liking the Dead in Jr High. My best friend was from a large Catholic family, and some of her older siblings were much older than her, and they loved the Dead. They were originally from NJ, and had a summer home in Cape May. I would visit for two weeks in the summer, and most of what you heard was the Dead. They would play them and dance around the house. It was fun. I saw my first show in the early 80s, and the rest is history. I never got into Phish. I couldn't tell you one song that they sing, although I've heard some from these drafts.
  9. My mom's best friend since the early 60s died of Covid 19 on March 9th. In early February she was supposed to get her first dose of the vaccine, but she wasn't feeling well while waiting her turn. A nurse took her oxygen level, and it was low, so they tested her for Covid and it came back positive. She was put in the hospital and never made it out. I wish the vaccines had rolled out a little earlier, so she could have gotten hers before she was exposed. She was a wonderful person, and is greatly missed by so many. I know my mom misses her every day.
  10. When I was a youth I had this MJ album, and wanted a hat like his. I love the Off the Wall album, and I like Thriller, but I just can't draft him knowing about his alleged sexual abuse on some young boys. I don't fault someone who does draft him at all. It's my issue. I don't turn the channel if one of his tunes I like comes on the radio. I guess in some ways I'm a hypocrite, because I have drafted Big Ben in the past, and I do believe he is a rapist.
  11. My desktop has the option, but my laptop doesn't. However, my laptop has more emoji options vs my desktop. Weird.
  12. You can color the text with the underlined A icon second to the right of the menu bar when you are composing.
  13. Eephus, it looks like there are plenty of participants in this one, and I'm going to be out of town Thursday to Sunday, so I'm going to sit this one out. I'll probably jump in on the next one.
  14. I think the Cowboys only shot at beating the Bucs was through the air, and they gave a great effort. Whoever had the ball last with enough time on the clock was going to win that game, and it happened to be the Bucs.
  15. The car was periodically "bucking" on me, and would sometimes conk out, and then start back up shortly after, and then the check engine light would come on, but not stay on. I took it to several mechanics, and they all said it had to be acting up at the moment for them to figure out what is wrong. I took it to this certain mechanic several times, because they have changed my oil for years, and they are nearby. I left it there again for them to ride around in it briefly to see if it would act up, and it wouldn't even start for them. They figured out it was the ignition coil, ignition control module, and the distributor. They also found that my coolant temperature sensor was bad. So they had it for a couple days, and call to say it is ready. It cost almost $1,000 to fix. I drive it home, and when I would accelerate I would get these loud pinging clicky noises. I take it back, and the owner has one of his guys drive it, and he comes back and says it's another bad distributor. The owner tells me the first distributor they put in was bad, and this was the second one. He tells the woman behind the counter (his wife) to order another one from a different manufacturer. They tell me to come back the following Monday. He ask me on my way out what kind of gas is in my tank, and I say 87 octane. He says the car takes 93, and for me to drive some of that gas out and put in 93, and see if it takes care of it. I tell him my car has always taken 87, but I'd put in some 93. It does make the pingy sounds go away some, and I tell him this when I go back the following Monday. He tells me he thinks I was able to drive on the 87, because of the broken coolant sensor, and if I want to put 87 back in, he will put the broken sensor back in. He says there is nothing wrong with the new distributor. I tell him my car has always been able to drive on 87 gas, because it takes 87 gas. He starts getting animated and loud, and screams that my car has an LT1 Corvette engine, and those take 93 gas. I tell him my engine is not the same as a Corvette engine, and it is a small block engine that was built for B-body cars like mine, and it even states it in my owners manual that it takes 87 gas. I tell him putting a broken coolant sensor back in my car is not going to make me get 87 gas. He throws his hands in the air screaming again, and says it isn't worth explaining to me, cause I won't be able to understand it. I say try me, and not once did I raise my voice to him. He runs in the back, and returns a couple minutes later and slams a piece of paper on the counter in front of me, and screams THE FEDERAL GVT SAYS LT1 ENGINES TAKE PREMIUM GAS. I look at him and tell him the one out in his parking lot doesn't. I again tell him that not all LT1 engines are the same, and my car is not taking the 87 gas, because the distributor he put in is bad, and the 93 gas is just masking the problem. He says I can come in on Friday so he can put the broken sensor back in to get the 87 gas or just leave the car as is. He goes back to work on cars. I look at his wife and tell her that I did not come there for a confrontation, and that when I brought my car in to be fixed I got 87 gas, and when I came to pick it up it didn't take that gas anymore, and it was pinging badly. She said he was having a bad day and he took it out on me. I go out to my car, and bring in the owner's manual and show her where it says it takes 87 gas. She says it isn't the distributor, and that it is the bad sensor, and that she will see my Friday if I want him to put it back in. I was calm during all of this, but inside of me I was fit to be tied, and I was not going to be taken advantage of, or settle for what I know is some of the dumbest #### I have ever heard coming out of a mechanics mouth. I left and drove straight to the Buick dealership, and I talked to a couple of service technicians. They said the owner's manual should have been enough evidence that my car gets 87 gas, and that not all LT1s are created equal. They said if he put in a distributor and my car isn't taking 87 anymore, the distributor is bad. I asked them if they would call the mechanic shop, and they said they couldn't get involved, and that the situation sucked. I called the mechanic shop and told the wife that I went to the Buick place, and I told her what they said about the car, and she said she would talk to her husband. She called me yesterday and said to bring the car in Monday, and they will put in a new distributor. I hope they got one from a different manufacturer, and this one will be good. I don't trust that the mechanic knows what he is doing. I hope for the best, and I wonder what his behavior will be when he sees me. He was such a ####### ####### to me, and he was the one that was wrong.
  16. It's good to see you too, rock. This week has been crummy. Wilma the Wagon was having some issues, and the mechanic that worked on her put in a bad part for the second time, and he refused to believe that it was a bad distributor again. He tried to convince me and himself that my car takes 93 octane, and I even showed him that in my owners manual it says it takes 87. He got animated with me and yelled. His wife works behind the counter, and since he was too hard headed and hot headed to listen, I explained to her. She said she would talk to him. She called yesterday and he is putting in another distributor on Monday. Hopefully it is from a different manufacturer, and it is a good one.
  17. For the last week I've been listening to Amythyst Kiah. She is playing at the Merlefest next weekend, and I'd never heard of her before, so I've been giving her an early listen. I like her music.
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