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  1. Glad It made it safely. By bbq standards it is a pretty sweet sauce. Same could be said for the pizza sauce. Enjoy!
  2. Hey Doowain, wherebouts in west chester is Grainworks. Love that shirt. Might need to try them out. Humble Monk is also on my list to get. Seriously breweries, your product causes "beer gut", the least you could do is stocks shirts to cover mine!!
  3. Sorry all. I still owe a package. Have shirts just need accessories. Will go out within a week. Sorry to my stalkee, I’ll try to make up for it.
  4. I’m game and could potentially host depending on timing.
  5. I know it’s somewhere in these 113 pages, but does anyone have a recipe for Alabama white sauce for wings? Busting out the smoker and deep fryer this weekend and wanted to try something different.
  6. Likely a 'had to be there' moment, but: You guessed it, the sassy 8 year old again. We were getting ready to leave to eat out for dinner (GB kids eat free nights), and I tell the girls to head out to the car. 8 yo: which car? (She does this every time and it's always my wife minivan is we're all going but I digress) me: mom's 8 yo: Classic.
  7. Next level fickle right here: The kid doesn't like melted cheese. But not ALL melted cheese. Grilled cheese sandwiches- ok hot italian beef sandwich - nope (she will eat it if we leave the cheese off) Pizza- is fine breadstick with melted provolone (from same pizza place)- nope burgers- nada one of her favorite meals- chicken and pasta with alfredo sauce (the sauce is quite cheezy). tacos- ah h*ll no her favorite side dish - you guessed it mac and cheese (but only the powdered garbage from the Kraft).
  8. Couple quick ones from the 8 year old again. She can be a picky eater, but eats well so when something isn't eaten we know she doesn't like it for some reason. (this is also known to change on a whim). Those apple sauce pouches are great for lunches and she use to love them. then all of a sudden they came home uneaten for days straight. When asked why, the response was: "The apple sauce was too saucy" We're trying to eat healthier as a family and have been doing side salads with a number of meals (much to my kids dismay). We recently switched from Red/Green leaf to Romaine as the wife and I prefer it. Literally one bite into the first day she spits it out and cries "the salad is too crunchie!!"
  9. Getting ready to (re)start a new project. 4' L x 4' W x 9" H tank (old frag tank) dedicated to shrimp and foreground plants. I may add CO2 later. 5 bags of eco-complete will go down thickest in the center then radiate out. Blasting sand will cap it all. If anyone's growing Buces, blyxa japonica, or Euroes, or is raising Shrimp (Neos) please PM me. I'm still a week or so off for plants, and ~month for shrimp. Also can anyone can recommend a shrimp save root tab? DIY spray bar with a canister for main filtration and a few sponge filters to help polish the water a bit. The eco-complete is dark as is the blasting sand so the hope is it'll still look nice even after it gets tossed around a bit. Local fish auction coming up at the EOM so looking to trade out some fish, and try some new stuff as well in my other tanks. If anyone wants 2M 2F auloncara ruby reds (that's what I was told I was getting, but the red is really yellow) let me know. The dominant male is really nice and they've spawned a number of times (I suck at stripping the fry).
  10. My 8 yo is a little spitfire mentioned here a couple times. Never quite know what’s going to come out of her mouth. We were all sitting around the kitchen table just hanging. She gets up, takes a couple steps and lets one rip. Looks dead panned at the wife “ it’s your problem now!” Smiles and walks out of the room.
  11. Grew up near Devils Backbone. Name fits too with very narrow, steep inclined hairpin turns and lots of blind turns. Been a number of occasions I flinched driving past someone.
  12. Not sure where you'll be staying so here goes from a west sider now living on the east side: High rent: Anything Jeff Ruby's is legit (he has a number of them in the city- PM if interested)- at least that's what everyone says. Too high rent for me. $100 dinner for two easily and that's cheap Mexican: Mazunte's off Red Bank road is where I go if I want Mexican. Dude spent a decade+ traveling through Mexico and central america staying in peoples houses learning how to cook. Brought it all back home and is KILLING it. A good Reuben: Izzy's is the place, since Decent Deli is no more... They don't toast their bread but the proportions are right if you're hungry. I've had better reubens, but you won't walk outta this place hungry. Potato pancakes are pretty solid as well. Burger Joints: This is where it can get testy, and I really like the hole in the wall places here: I love Sammy's in Blue Ash. Good variety of burgers and the excellent beer selection offers a number of local breweries so that's a huge plus. You'll get the suggestions of Terry's turf club which is legit and an experience for sure, but I've heard he's closing up shop soon so make sure you check. Also on the east side and a hole in the wall is Bones Burgers- these guys are a little hippy dippy for me with their all grass fed beef and whatnot, but they make one hell of a burger. And their homemade ketchup is money!!! There's also Gordo's in Norwood. Really close to Xavier University, but is a complete dive. 1930's gorgeous wooden bar, with indoor/outdoor seating. Nice selection of traditional and unusual burgers. I don't recommend the PB&J burger- but that's just me. Depending on where you're at I might be able to help you out with some closer options. Northern KY has a number of really cool places, but I simply haven't been.
  13. Have a neighbor supplying me with farm fresh eggs, and I'm looking for ways to get creative with them. Anyone happen to have a good pickled egg recipe they could share?
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