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  1. GB, what are you trying to accomplish here? It's obvious it bothers you that this case got so much attention and you feel it's because of how she looks. Ok. So now what? Even if that's the only reason and you're 100% right, what now? It is what it is. Just seems like one of those times to just let it go.
  2. Women's half marathon record smashed today Video describing possibly the greatest female performance
  3. What a fantastic video. He really looks the part. It's unfortunate he didn't get the call up last set of games but it might be a tough situation to bring him in against Mexico even though he should be there.
  4. On a sad note.... Jake Cefolia remains found
  5. The irony isn't lost that I've made 4 posts in this thread in the entire month of October while he has 11 on this page alone.
  6. Pogba on the bench for MU. Interesting as he seems the type to be able to wreak havoc in this type of game.
  7. His HR was great throughout. Like, really good. So, it seems that bum wheel didn't hold up. Ugh, hope he's ok.
  8. Ugh, so sorry. Hopefully you can put that training to use soon.
  9. Looks like it went wrong mile 20. Knew there was that risk, unfortunately. Hopefully comes out of it healthy.
  10. Seeing finishes through 3:16:xx but not seeing our hero Tracking has been a mess, though.
  11. 30K Time 2:10:43 30K Place 36th 30K Pace 7:02
  12. Dest getting the start at RW in El Clasico.
  13. Well, he didn't spend his time wisely in the potty as he didn't set it up right. Tracking sucks but I just found something. 10K 10 km 10K Time 44:09 10K Place 45th 10K Pace 7:07 13.1 Mile 13.1 mi 13.1 Mile Time 1:31:13 13.1 Mile Place 36th 13.1 Mile Pace 6:58 Let's see if he can negative split this thing like a pro.
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