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  1. That's not true. Anywhere between 300-600 kids have died from Covid. That's "at worst". More reading on it
  2. There's absolutely no chance I'm sharing my diet here compared to you guys. That's also why I'm slow and fat.
  3. I still don't own a pair of running shorts. Run in the same basketball shorts I've had for years. I might go straight to 3" if I ever decide to get some.
  4. I would love to know what you guys are talking about. Did I stumble into the nerd thread?
  5. Hundreds of cases getting tossed due to corruption Not quite what this thread is for, but just another example of how rampant stuff can be throughout an entire department and not just limited to one or two officers.
  6. Liverpool fans have more reason to be upset than Chelsea. They are the ones trying to catch up.
  7. If Richards isn't starting next to Brooks...... I know I've beat this dead horse, but come on.
  8. If you sign up and make me heckle and drink all by myself, I'm going to have an extra sign for you......
  9. Yeah, but what did the radiologist say?
  10. Good choice. Maybe you can end up getting my childhood apartment
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