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  1. Weah also got 75 minutes in his start today for Lille. What. A. Day
  2. Strange that you are so much faster than me overall, but when I've done repeats, I've done them more at the paces you do them at. But it also goes along with my shorter race times being significantly better than longer race times.
  3. Well, I just looked back, and that's roughly the pace that I've done 200m repeats. So while I wouldn't say I'm "flailing", it's on the verge of going beyond controlled. So, that's definitely more than a minute faster than my 5K pace. Closer to 1:30-2:00 faster.
  4. Definitely in on Amazon Echo system. We have multiple echo dots throughout the house (just grab them when they go on sale for $20). Have them in the kids' rooms as well as our room and a couple other spots plus an Echo Show in the kitchen area. It's great for playing music, talking to them when in their rooms without yelling across the house, for alarms/reminders and controlling other devices like lights in their rooms. Schedules make it easy to make sure lights turn off and also use them to turn lights on in the morning for those that are harder to wake up. We have 3 TVs throughout the h
  5. Well la-di-da I'm just going to roll out of bed at 5 because I need an hour to get all the fat in my midsection to wake up and get ready to travel fast and then throw on my fast shoes that I haven't even had to wear lately even though I'm still really fast and go out with a really slow first mile at 6:21 because that's just a warmup and finally crank up the pace faster than most of you can sprint and just do that for a few miles and PR and without even really doing a race effort or anything so I can still just go about my day like it's no big deal before you guys even wake up and think of knoc
  6. About a 2/10 in terms of blunders. I mean, obviously not ideal, but he was swarmed, received the ball in a terrible spot, and really had limited options. Against the top team in the league. I don't think that play will have much, if any effect, on PT moving forward.
  7. "Have Grue pace you", they said. "It'll be fun", they said.
  8. Just watched it. It's pretty good. I can see how some love it. It's certainly worth a watch and it's hard to describe. That said, I wouldn't call it the most amazing thing out there like some have.
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