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  1. For those that voted here, curious if any changed their minds from their original votes.
  2. I started this thread a couple months ago. These guys are insane.
  3. Lol... The guy looks Jewish? How so? And, are you trying to suggest that the wealthiest people in this country AREN'T white males? That's your takeaway from that cartoon? ETA -- Do a google search of the top 50 wealthiest people in the US. You'll actually see a list of the top 25, or so. All of them are white. All but like 4 or 5 are men (with the women pretty much being relatives or ex-wives of men from that list).
  4. Dike's last game. I still just don't see it. I know he scored and the team is having success, but I just don't come away impressed after watching him. He's good in the air, though.
  5. Henderson just got injured. Stuff has been going on far longer. But yeah, the rest make sense. It's just so frustrating to watch.
  6. Oh, and Liverpool is just a mess. I don't really understand what's going on, honestly. I mean, yeah, injuries, especially VVD, but it's still an incredibly strong lineup and they are just so toothless on attack. I don't think they even qualify for CL next year, which is ridiculous.
  7. Yeah, it's silly. If anything, the other player who was clearly offside had at least some impact on the play and think that was more legitimate than the actual call.
  8. Weah also got 75 minutes in his start today for Lille. What. A. Day
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