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  1. I guess I was asking if we know she was murdered. Is it possible she went off on her own and died while out there alone? I should have been more clear. But yeah, if it looks like murder when they examine the body, it would seem it has to be him.
  2. I have only loosely kept up. Do we know the boyfriend did it?
  3. This is going on and will have some long lasting consequences.
  4. Marseilles in 2nd in Ligue 1. Great start.
  5. Huh? First of all, not sure what the issue is grammatically, but ok. Second, it was a joke. Toxic turd? It was more a dig at TWD not being realistic at all than anything aimed at you. Sorry you took it that way, wasn't meant against you at all.
  6. Lots of emojis to respond to your post, but just wanted to say I'm glad you were found and saved, that you've finally gotten an answer to something you've felt most of your life, and that I hope things turn around in all the positive ways possible. Thanks for posting and sharing. Wishing you all the best.
  7. Doesn't sound like the show for you. You should try The Walking Dead instead.
  8. I fall more towards the fat as #### end of the spectrum.
  9. It was ridiculous. It wasn't a clear goal scoring chance, IMO. Should have been a yellow. But at the time in the game it was extra silly.
  10. I ran at lunch today too. It was hot as balls.
  11. Lol.... Straight red card in final 8 seconds of ATM/Porto match for denying goal scoring opportunity.
  12. And they tied Club Brugge 1-1? How does that happen?
  13. By name/talent level, has there ever been a better front three for any team than Messi/Neymar/Mbappe?
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