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  1. Allen, from a very spotty memory, has always had kinda slow starts to the season and then fires up throughout the rest. trying to trade for him as we speak
  2. Starndard scoring Sermon SF Patterson WAS T Willy BAL panic and vomit
  3. Will take coverage away from The People’s Poet
  4. He would have worked a fair bit with Keenum being behind ODB and Landry, But one of them has been hurt most the time. who would have the best repore with Case?
  5. My Chubb Hunt backfield was looking awesome 2 weeks ago…
  6. Isn’t that how things were when Raiders won their last championship?
  7. Anyone know if it’s the same calf as last year?
  8. Akers Moestert Chubb evenly spaced at least….
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