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  1. Locked on Dynasty podcast. Been following Matt and Ryan for a while
  2. getting more off-season What is everyone’s favorite bit or raider paraphernalia? Looking to fit out the new abode and family
  3. Pretty tired of hearing about that last few draft classes. Who is tickling your fancy for this year’s draft?
  4. I’ve seen Chubb and Jacobs avoid scoring easy TDs Gurley tried to and failed
  5. Or give the ball to your best player... or at least have him on the field...
  6. I may be responsible for this: gurley chubb jacobs all on my team... may be better off with Whitman Price and Haddad... seriously though has any other players gone down to avoid a potential “game losing” TD this year?
  7. Snow showers and cold temperatures are expected for Sunday night's game at Lambeau Field. Moderate winds with strong gusts will blow from end zone to end zone. Both teams may be limited on offense in these winter conditions.
  8. Hat tip to any team that can beat a Kamara team this week true championship
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