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  1. Are Shanahan and Lynch lock step with their drafting? Who jumped on the table for Sermon and Lance?
  2. Tequila, it’s kind like beer to wash away my week 3 debacles
  3. Collinsworth mentioned something about him getting used to the one cut and go running style
  4. So this team is 2-0 when someone here attends a home game you can be very proud of your efforts!
  5. Was leaning that way. Feels like he is an extension of the run game that should be busy today thanks Again
  6. From memory the Flores D messed with Carr quite well. This year the DLine and DBs have shown up for and the has made a big difference looking forward to a good contest
  7. Jonu vs the standard waiver wire TE fodder. Non PPR. I’m taking a liking t D Knox or G. Everett
  8. Agreed, chiefD welcome here anytime You maybe getting him mixed up with the poster they say stinks
  9. I was taking it as a pessimistic view on KC. After a billion years we don’t have to face them coming of a bye this time
  10. Interested in Kirk as he had 2-3 big games last year that came to an end only when Murray got hurt iirc.
  11. One thing that stood out was the series where Carr fumbled on a sack then fumbled the next snap. Years previous this has happened and it quickly turns into a downward spiral, once vs NE last year, which I’m sure has happened 2-3 times. this game he shook it off and took care of business. enjoyed the halftime rant from Gruden, that was fantastic
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