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  1. BREAKING: the #Eagles are acquiring RB Melvin Gordon via trade with the #Chargers, reports ESPN. In exchange, Los Angeles will receive a 2020 1st-round pick, 2021 3rd-round pick, and WR Nelson Agholor. reported via Dick Harrison @richardESPN
  2. You do not want this guy, trust me. He has hands of stone and fumbles a lot. The reason why he was cut from Denver
  3. The 99 yard TD should have been called back due to a facemask by Henry.
  4. Found a beer advent calendar at Costco today. Looks quite tasty. 24 beers from Germany. Trouble is that it isn't even October yet and I have this feeling i'm going to drink it way before December.
  5. In and preordered for PS4. Also upgraded my hard drive in my PS4. Costs about $90 for 2TB and its really easy. Here is the link to the hard drive I put in https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-FireCuda-Accelerated-Performance-ST2000LX001/dp/B01M1NHCZT/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1538190127&sr=8-1&keywords=seagate+firecuda+st2000lx001
  6. Anyone used Costcos kirkland ball yet? Wondering what everyone thinks. Bought a couple dozen last week when they got them in. Sold out again. Heard that titleist is suing costco over it
  7. Always been partial to an original cup of Gevalia
  8. Do not buy those CZ's. Especially that P-10. While pressing the magazine release the trigger moves while you press it. It also bump loads while loading a full magazine. Not good at all. Go with a Sig P320 or M&P 2.0 if your looking for a striker fired gun other than glock. If your not after striker fired, go with something like a sig p-226 or 1911
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.yahoo.com/amphtml/tv/john-oliver-calls-himself-out-for-being-wrong-about-trump-cubs-092518817.html?client=safari
  10. survived by 4 points, just barely thanks to CMike and his 1 yard run with a TD. I believe i'm out next week. Tied with Bloom this week at 2138. LOL
  11. I'd be happy with a yard right about now. Its almost halftime and he has a 0
  12. Gotten a 0 from all RB's so far this week and 6 above the cutline. Hopefully CMike produces tomorrow night.
  13. http://o.ffense.com/fbg35k/index.php Only 8 above the cut at 142. Might be the week I'm out. If not next week for sure when everyone is on bye weeks.
  14. Just bought this Husqvarna a couple weeks ago. Hasn't snowed yet but looks solid. We shall see https://www.lowes.com/pd/Husqvarna-208cc-24-in-Two-Stage-Electric-Start-Gas-Snow-Blower-with-Heated-Handles-and-Headlights/50223009
  15. Comcast also charging customers who use more than 1TB of data starting Nov 1st. Seriously considering a switch. Sick of this crap. Customer service sucks, bills go up every month and it seems like they are on a 28 day monthly billing cycle because the bill is earlier and earlier every month. Anyone get some great deals through Directv?
  16. "Sir please stand right there, we will be right back. We have to go talk to your wife to get her to ask you to put down your gun"
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