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  1. FYI... if you get your internet from your cable company, you will still be able to watch the YES network. You will have to download the YES app separately on Roku or Fire TV. Then, when you open the app, it will ask you to select your provider and log-in to your cable account. Just enter the log-in you use to manage your cable bill pay, etc and you are all good. I have YTTV and watch History Channel and the Regional Bally's Sports this way.
  2. Two big FinTwit Furus called the stock out at sub 0.50. Ran up to almost $5. Lots of tweets about the thing mooning, carbon capture is going to take off, lots of people probably chasing. Short report comes out today with lots of big concerns if true. Tanked back down to $1. Lot's of halts down and now currently halted for news.
  3. The $CEI saga has been an interesting follow today. Stocktalkweekly has the firm who put out the short report on Twitter live. They are trying to get the CEI CEO next.
  4. Here are good notes that I saw on another site regarding the subtle patterns in Sept/Oct that repeat fairly consistently: 2016 (election year) - Drop through October, intensifies late October then Nov oversold rally 2017 (market was strong and continuously went up including through historically weaker months, anomaly) - Formed low end of Aug, run-up through Feb 2018 (trade war) - Drop all of October, intensifies late October, Nov rally but not as strong as previous Nov oversold rallies. However, happened during volatility during trade war so abnormal price action, ripped hard Jan onwards 2019 - Formed Low end of Aug, run-up until mid-Sept, formed low very early Oct 2020 (election year) - Sharp drop through September, rebound through mid October, sharp drop until end of October then Nov oversold rally with drop in Feb 2021
  5. Getting stuck in the middle of these negotiations is annoying. I can do without USA, Telemundo, Universo, Bravo, E!, SyFy, Oxygen, CNBC and MSNBC. But having a service that does not have the main NBC network will be a problem. Especially with Sunday Night Football.
  6. New empty nester here too. Still getting used to it.
  7. I've been to Motz and it was really good, but I agree with the slider comment. If sliders counted, i would put Hunter House before Motz.
  8. This has jumped big in pre-market. Oh, what could have been.
  9. Good luck. Worried that it is trending down. And no volume on the one min candles to push back up. ETA - Wedge forming. Seeing $15.75 as important level for breakout or breakdown.
  10. Thanks for the map. Looks like you plotted out a great plan with all the essential trails. You could try to add the DTE trails if you are in Pickney (it's just a little more south in Chelsea). Always seems to be high school aged kids riding/practicing when I ride Addison Oaks. They must be getting ready for those races. Let me know when you will be in town. Bloomer is actually closest to my house but I have not rode it yet (I've heard it's pretty intense in terms of climbs and some areas where it is high up with a good drop-off -- heights kind of freak me out).
  11. Thanks. I'm in the Detroit area (northern suburbs). Only rides have been on the local trails, which are pretty solid (mainly Stony Creek & Addison Oaks). Need to branch out more and will probably ride DTE at some point soon as a guy I ride with is a big fan. I was just watching some videos of Marquette that were posted on a Michigan MTB facebook page. Those look like some incredible trails. Guys in the video were going super fast downhill and hitting the jumps hard... I would be much more of a wuss.
  12. Nice scalp. And right before the kill candle.
  13. Yes, TOS = Think or Swim. I opened a TD Ameritrade account earlier this year to use the TOS platform for the charts and scans. When I opened my account, you did not have to deposit funds to use the platform. However, I heard recently they make you have a minimum deposit of $500. It's a bit more than just hitting the scan button and finding the money. You have to be able to read the charts and see support/resistance, patterns for strength/weakness and read candles. And even then, you gotta understand your risk level and when to cut and run.
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