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  1. You can use TOS by opening an account, but you do not have to deposit any funds. So you can have that and another brokerage for trades.
  2. So would you recommend that I don't invest in Carole Baskin's Big Cat Coin?
  3. Saw this a couple days ago SAGE - META: UNLOCKING THE POTENTIAL OF GEOTHERMAL FOR CLEAN, COMPACT, RENEWABLE BASELOAD POWER.. Around 18M shares short, so many are expecting a good squeeze. Unfortunately, I got in higher before the market tanked (small position).
  4. Great blog. Thanks for posting. Wish people on Facebook would get their facts from someone like this instead of TikToc.
  5. Kept telling myself to sell my Apple (could even see a pretty good line of resistance at $136). The play seems to be to buy some a few weeks before earnings and then sell in after hours when it shoots up. There's been a few Twitter rumors involving Apple and EVs lately which stuck in my mind too. Looks like I'm in for another quarter while it Amazon's me.
  6. Agreed. Gotta have a lot of different tools in the toolbox. We did an NCSA profile for free so his info was in their system, but I ignored their calls. A couple other ideas if he has not done so already: Twitter - make sure he has a Twitter (one with his actual name so coaches can find him). And make sure he updates his profile with basic info like High School, travel program and grad year. Then have him follow not only the coaches and programs he is interested in, but also look on their website and find the assistant coach who is the Recruiting Coordinator and make sure to follo
  7. Been using the last couple tough market months to try to educate myself on reading charts. From what I can tell, this looked like a good buy as there seems to be support around the low $34's. And it looks like you should be good until the next resistance level around $42.
  8. And not when some of the biggest millionaire (insider) traders are our representatives.
  9. Just bought a mountain bike this week. Was looking to stay under $1,000 and get a good bike for trail riding both single track and some more moderate rails-to-trails riding. Ended up with the Giant Talon 1. I went to a local bike shop and claimed a bike from their list of bikes coming in (no inventory in store right now). Lucked out and found one coming in within the next couple weeks. Next one after that was 7 weeks away.
  10. Looks like some pretty good resistance around $557.
  11. What's up with the Ron Burgundy lookalike with the zoom camera pointed down at his pant-less junk? At least his Folgers made him wake up to the fact that it was not his late night perv session anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyR7lf-QpFo
  12. Reuters: GameStop initiates search for new CEO-sources
  13. I just want to tell you all good luck. We're all counting on you.
  14. Try downloading the app and logging in via your cable tv account when it asks. For us, we have YouTube TV but still pay for internet through our old cable provider so we still have an account/log-in. I downloaded the Hallmark Channel for the wife and it asked for me to log in via my cable provider. Log-in worked perfectly. I've done that for other missing channels too. ETA; bit of a pain to have a separate app vs having it available in your live guide. Gotta do what you gotta do.
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