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  1. My wife really wants to go to CR. Will make sure I don't show her this.
  2. I gave up and sold this morning for about a 75% profit. Needed the money for another gamble, so took it from there.
  3. Jay-Z will be on CNBC Monday morning, so must be people getting in on the expected pop.
  4. Went down the rabbit hole reading about LIDAR yesterday. Really like $CLA which recently announced merger with Ouster. Here is a good write up from a guy who is a fan of the company. Apparently the Ouster product is digital vs the analog products that competitors have and it will be much less expensive. Ford family has stake in Ouster but will still use the $VLDR product on their testing vehicles for now. Another interesting one is $CFAC which just announced a deal with AEye. The AEye approach is very interesting. They combine LIDAR with object recognition so a vehicle could tell t
  5. Saw a tweet about $CAPA yesterday too, but unfortunately it was already +100% when I saw the tweet. And I couldn't wrap my head around what the heck chip-based protein sequencing is anyway.
  6. Similar to NNOX, have you checked out $BFLY? Handheld Ultrasound machine. Here is a video. Our girl Cathie is buying.
  7. INND down today on what seems like good PR.
  8. LOL! Can't believe he didn't get any looks from knocking it over those 200' fences! I'm familiar with the Michigan teams in that league as I've seen some guys he knew and/or played with play for those teams. Unfortunately, my son decided to stop playing after his freshman year. Was a bummer because he never got to experience a real season because of Covid. He wanted more balance beyond practicing 6-days a week for 4 hours/day plus volunteering and everything else (as he put it, he wanted to be a college student and a baseball player, not just a baseball player). He has since tran
  9. Me too. Good revenue growth projected. 20 act. - 904K rev. '21 proj. - $12M rev. / 1,175% '22 proj. - $75M rev. / 550% Investor Presentation (Revenue projection slide 28).
  10. $PDAC deal with Li-Cycle Corp, a recycler of lithium-ion batteries. Was up 15% pre-market but had some profit taking. Li-Cycle, North America’s Largest Lithium-Ion Battery Resource Recycling Company, to List on NYSE through Transaction with Peridot Acquisition Corp.
  11. Wow. Be safe down there. Did I hear the freezing temps are supposed to last all week?
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