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  1. New empty nester here too. Still getting used to it.
  2. I've been to Motz and it was really good, but I agree with the slider comment. If sliders counted, i would put Hunter House before Motz.
  3. This has jumped big in pre-market. Oh, what could have been.
  4. Good luck. Worried that it is trending down. And no volume on the one min candles to push back up. ETA - Wedge forming. Seeing $15.75 as important level for breakout or breakdown.
  5. Thanks for the map. Looks like you plotted out a great plan with all the essential trails. You could try to add the DTE trails if you are in Pickney (it's just a little more south in Chelsea). Always seems to be high school aged kids riding/practicing when I ride Addison Oaks. They must be getting ready for those races. Let me know when you will be in town. Bloomer is actually closest to my house but I have not rode it yet (I've heard it's pretty intense in terms of climbs and some areas where it is high up with a good drop-off -- heights kind of freak me out).
  6. Thanks. I'm in the Detroit area (northern suburbs). Only rides have been on the local trails, which are pretty solid (mainly Stony Creek & Addison Oaks). Need to branch out more and will probably ride DTE at some point soon as a guy I ride with is a big fan. I was just watching some videos of Marquette that were posted on a Michigan MTB facebook page. Those look like some incredible trails. Guys in the video were going super fast downhill and hitting the jumps hard... I would be much more of a wuss.
  7. Nice scalp. And right before the kill candle.
  8. Yes, TOS = Think or Swim. I opened a TD Ameritrade account earlier this year to use the TOS platform for the charts and scans. When I opened my account, you did not have to deposit funds to use the platform. However, I heard recently they make you have a minimum deposit of $500. It's a bit more than just hitting the scan button and finding the money. You have to be able to read the charts and see support/resistance, patterns for strength/weakness and read candles. And even then, you gotta understand your risk level and when to cut and run.
  9. Wow, that took off. Looks like there was good risk off higher lows at $21.21 and $21.85 but kind of afraid to chase now.
  10. Using custom studies that I have downloaded or set up via video instruction from a few FinTwit guys. Need to figure out the scanner. I have a few scans set up but no confidence in finding my own plays yet.
  11. Yes, I've loaded a couple studies to TOS and have been working to learn to momentum trade/scalp. It takes some time and work has gotten in the way a lot. Still learning.
  12. I'm hooked too. I have bad knees that can't take the pounding to run or play sports with stop/start/side-to-side movements. However, my knees feel great when I bike. Still working on my skills, confidence and endurance, but I've gotten a lot better. We have some really nice trails around us in Michigan, but doubt they're anything compared to what you have in Santa Cruz or Tahoe. My typical ride elevation gain is around 600 ft.
  13. Giant Talon 1 ETA - Got really lucky to get it. Went to bike store in April planning to get on a waitlist. They were only selling what was coming in off the truck, so their list was long with claimed bikes. This bike was exactly what I was looking at online as it fit my beginner needs and price point and they happened to have an unclaimed one coming in a week and a half later. They either messed up or someone backed out of buying it.
  14. Guess I'm a Bicycle Guy now. Just got into mountain biking this spring and bought a new mountain bike. Really enjoying my new hobby/sport.
  15. Here is a good comparison sheet for Pentair/Maytronics robot cleaners (yes, some have a remote control function). This brand (same company makes both) is highly recommended by many of the nerds on the Trouble Free Pools forum. Marina Pool, Spa & Patio is also a company that comes highly recommended at TFP. Just had to replace our Polaris cleaner which was a POS and I went through Marina PSP. Their prices were good and they were easy to work with.
  16. Got out yesterday in the 8's. Was watching the 1 minute candles all day which were looking pretty weak. Should have gotten out higher but kept hoping for a bounce. Good lesson. Cost me a little more but still need to be happy with the ~140% profit.
  17. $TRCH Well that turned out to be pricey.
  18. Same here. Paying to see at least one more day.
  19. I like it. Use it for scanning/looking for ideas. Also like the profile they have when you search a stock to easily see things like sector, float, etc.
  20. Chet, is it time for your behind the scenes story time yet?
  21. You can use TOS by opening an account, but you do not have to deposit any funds. So you can have that and another brokerage for trades.
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