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  1. I'm pretty sure when they went to Whole Foods before the last competition, you could clearly see Hosea patting Stefan on the back as they entered the doors. This didn't conform to the idea that Hosea is obsessed with beating Stefan. I know it's no big deal, but I just don't think that men go around patting other men on the back who they hold a serious grudge against or are otherwise obsessed with that person's downfall. Also, there was a clip of them drinking and eating at the apartment, and there seemed to be very little, if any, ill will.If anything, I think Jamie disliked Stefan the most
  2. Unless I misunderstood the challenge, I don't think anybody forced Fabio to use Venison. He chose to use it.Fabio clearly should have gone home, and I really thought they foreshadowed his elimination throughout the entire episode. Was a big shock to see Jeff sent home instead. The judges table referred to Fabio's food as "amateur at best". The only reason he's still there is because he's the only person that everyone actually likes. Jeff was boring. Should come down to Stefan, Jamie, and Hosea for the final 3. Leah and Fabio and Carla are all clearly a cut below those 3, IMO. 1) Fabio overcook
  3. Looks like you have a nice double standard going there.
  4. Stitcher is like Pandora for podcasts. It's a free download with no charge for using it either. It has a number of stations set up (News, Public Radio, Sports, etc.) that stream a lineup of podcasts to your phone. You don't need to download anything and the podcasts are always the most updated versions.
  5. I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter. Are you still in Chicago?

  6. i have some interesting literature you might want to check out.

  7. I just finished Baseball Between the Numbers. It is pretty fantastic. I had read Mind Game a while ago, but that covers a lot of the same ground as Baseball Between the Numbers, but relates it to the Red Sox and doesn't go on average as in depth. Buster Olney's The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty is a fantastic collection of stories about the components of the late 90s Yankees. Almost required reading for any Yankees' fan.
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