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  1. Yesterday: Huel for lunch and granola for an afternoon snack. Cuban sandwich for dinner likely containing an uncountable amount of calories, but no dessert or late night snacking, so this is acceptable to me. Enjoying my guy @gordon gekko - started doing 10 squats every time before I sit back down in my office chair. Maybe get on the kettle ball train someday. I always thought the swings went way higher and thus wouldn't work due to my height / ceilings - but watched the video linked above and that doesn't seem to be true. Head out to the mountains for two nights starting this evening which will surely be a setback, but not sweating it. Onwards!
  2. Yes, please keep with the food talk. Anyone had a rack of Oreos lately that wants to chime in about how delightful they are? ๐Ÿคช
  3. Okay, starting at 253. 255 is my recent high. I'd like to be at 235 so 18 pounds to lose. Thus far today, just Berry Huel for lunch (not bad!) and black coffee. Not sure what I'm going to do on the exercise front, but try to focus on not eating too much garbage to start.
  4. Sorry for the delay here! I have a concept 2 and itโ€™s worked well for me. If buying now Iโ€™d be intrigued by the ergatta. A) would feel more like Spacey in House of Cards. B) it definitely looks nicer. C) Water vs air is much quieter which would be nice. D) more games and things. E) am sure it can be bought with one of the buy now pay later things. Love me some 0% interest.
  5. Come on in R @Otis the water is warm. I am game if we want to do a motivational challenge of some sort. Wife is out of town and work is crazy so skipped yesterday. Put the boy on the iPad and got my 7,500 in just now. Just need to stop eating everything in site and Iโ€™ll be all set.
  6. Weekend, as always, tough to get the workouts in but managed 5Ks each night. Took yesterday off but got up early this AM and got my 7,500 in. Onward and upward.
  7. Missed yesterday. Boo. Lesson is I really need to get the row in before the boy goes to bed. Zero motivation after that. Back at it today with 7,500 meters (though in two parts due to a boss call in the middle). Onward and upward.
  8. Good news: another 7,500 down. Day 2 in a row. Bad News: I love pizza. And cake. And French fries. And almost everything else unhealthy. Taking it one step at a time though. Lock down the exercise then get better on the diet.
  9. Skipped yesterday on the erg due to it mostly just being a pretty terrible day. Back at it today with 7,500 meters in the books. Shall shoot for another ten day streak.
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