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  1. Good month overall - current market kind of petrifies me, but not enough to do much about it I guess. If anyone smarter than me wants a challenge: help figure out how the $SBVRF -> $IRCLF combination is going to work. Possible 25%+ upside in like a month. I tried writing about it for more context. My attempts to get them to explain it have failed. Current favorite trade is buying $PSTH and selling $35 covered calls for June. Written about here, but it’s extremely attractive. Doesn’t seem like $PSTH has priced in the potential early access to $PSTH2 yet, either, making it
  2. Not directed at me and I am sure @Whyatt has way more insight, but here's how I think about it. Right now our friends $CYDY have a ~$2.5B market cap on hopes and dreams. I'd wager $HGEN has a higher likelihood of success in getting EUA and is trading ~$1B market cap. So 2.5x on success seems a base case. I'd think $5B sounds about right given EUA etc. which puts the stock around $125 or so.
  3. Can also sell March $7.50 puts for like $0.50. Either get 6ish percent in a month or get long the name at $7. $UWMC. cc @Todem
  4. I’m still in it. Not sweating little swings - it’s either going to work or....not. I think the business idea itself is solid.
  5. It trades on the TSX in Canada so need access to that to see it. Depending on the broker how you type it in can vary, I think. https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/quote/fort.v/
  6. Welp, thanks a lot TD Ameritrade. Up 55% as of typing, lol.
  7. Greyscale is like a 7% premium right now I think, not crazy.
  8. This probably belongs in the penny stock thread, but I don't frequent there and $FORT caught my eye tonight. Don't think I can trade it on TD, but probably is available on fidelity. Market cap = ~26 million Cash = 7.4M Bitcoin = 163 coins at ~50K = 8M Mining ~.15 coins / day -> ~2.8M in revenue at ~50K. Operating costs of ~1M / year. Q4 financials should come out soon which may help it get 'discovered'. Fundamentally, I'm not sure it's a great biz, but compared to the other miners does seem to be undervalued. Caveat emptor penny stocks usually don't work - d
  9. Bought some more $PLGNF yesterday. Giddy up.
  10. Im holding. Honestly one of my favorite positions because they either are able to sell it or....not. No need to hand ring about it. I still think it’s cheap and, more generally, wouldn’t be selling anything commodity related in the short term.
  11. It’s long so not going to paste the whole thing, but latest update is here for anyone who wants to know what nonsense I am in now.
  12. I am a huge $AYRWF fan, but it's certainly run quite a bit to this point and thus might not be as attractive (though, long term, I think it's a great hold). The other one I am starting to build a position in is $GRAMF. It's a Cali play and has a lot of big names behind it. Execution risk is certainly there, but it trading at 11ish bucks seems reasonable risk. The warrantes (exercisable at $11.50) trade at $3.10 so clearly folks see some upside.
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