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  1. The possibility exists they don't PR the filing/request (not sure the proper term). I don't think $NVAX did for their vaccine.
  2. This one has been so good. Just grinding upward. $SRHIF is another copper miner that I just bought a decent bit of. Seems reasonably cheap. Hate SPACs but love Glass House ($MRCWF and $MRCQF). Another California weed play.
  3. Had some April (oops), now have some May and August. May is going to be tight, so August is probably what I’d do if adding more.
  4. I've got this coming out of my eyeballs. Common, calls, call spreads, everything. Fingers remain crossed.
  5. Feel fine about it. Not buying more nor am I selling. Seems like they are keeping the momentum going, but it's still super early. Just have it stashed and am not really worrying about it.
  6. I’m actually headed on a road trip tomorrow so pretty pleased I won’t have to deal with the side effects while on the road (hopefully).
  7. It sucks, but still is a mostly binary bet on positive data. Price action at this point not terribly important unless one thinks they sprung a leak.
  8. Good luck to you both. I’ve had to redo some days this go around - likely because I am going slower with slightly better form. Hopeful to get to the hundo challenge in 3-4 weeks.
  9. After the boy goes to bed I generally stay upstairs for this very reason. Proximity to kitchen is a killer.
  10. Finally got past week 4 day 1 of push-ups. Celebrating with margaritas. Mmmm. Fat, but happy.
  11. My due diligence checks out. Shall look to make an entrance.
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