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  1. @General Malaise $PLGNF! 🚀 If sitting on cash $ACND might not be a bad replacement. Market reacted negatively to their merger announcement, but floor is $10 (can just redeem for cash worst case) so not a bad place to park some $$ and hope for a bounce. I am in at $10.02.
  2. $TOKE is mostly Canadian companies. $MSOS is where the $$ is, imho. Not investing advice, do your own due diligence.
  3. Just a risk/reward call. I am bullish "given the current crazy market conditions". However, I don't generally believe a pile of money worth $20 should trade for... more than $20** **this is now complicated by potential early access to PSTH 2. This would be worth $4-5 imo. Going long here and selling $40 covered calls would get a cost basis around $25.5ish with significant upside if the deal pops on announcement.
  4. Alright I’m back and going to use this thread for accountability. Tipped back up at 245 (bout a week and a half ago, likely worse now - shall check tomorrow AM) and that’s not where I want to be. Threw away the sweet treats that have been largely fueling this run this morning. Procured some fizzy water to try to fill in some of the ‘I just want something’ gaps. Not going to go too hardcore on the diet at first, but will be much more reasonable than things have been of late (I’m looking at you 4 cookies last night). Hit the peloton for 30 minutes and then did some push ups. Pla
  5. Good month overall - current market kind of petrifies me, but not enough to do much about it I guess. If anyone smarter than me wants a challenge: help figure out how the $SBVRF -> $IRCLF combination is going to work. Possible 25%+ upside in like a month. I tried writing about it for more context. My attempts to get them to explain it have failed. Current favorite trade is buying $PSTH and selling $35 covered calls for June. Written about here, but it’s extremely attractive. Doesn’t seem like $PSTH has priced in the potential early access to $PSTH2 yet, either, making it
  6. Love it. It's 2021 who needs "revenues".
  7. Not directed at me and I am sure @Whyatt has way more insight, but here's how I think about it. Right now our friends $CYDY have a ~$2.5B market cap on hopes and dreams. I'd wager $HGEN has a higher likelihood of success in getting EUA and is trading ~$1B market cap. So 2.5x on success seems a base case. I'd think $5B sounds about right given EUA etc. which puts the stock around $125 or so.
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