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  1. Feel fine about it. Not buying more nor am I selling. Seems like they are keeping the momentum going, but it's still super early. Just have it stashed and am not really worrying about it.
  2. I’m actually headed on a road trip tomorrow so pretty pleased I won’t have to deal with the side effects while on the road (hopefully).
  3. It sucks, but still is a mostly binary bet on positive data. Price action at this point not terribly important unless one thinks they sprung a leak.
  4. Good luck to you both. I’ve had to redo some days this go around - likely because I am going slower with slightly better form. Hopeful to get to the hundo challenge in 3-4 weeks.
  5. After the boy goes to bed I generally stay upstairs for this very reason. Proximity to kitchen is a killer.
  6. Finally got past week 4 day 1 of push-ups. Celebrating with margaritas. Mmmm. Fat, but happy.
  7. My due diligence checks out. Shall look to make an entrance.
  8. $MSOS is a solid bet at these levels imho.
  9. If you get the option I’ll give you $200 for it. I’m at 90k so no pack for me.
  10. I believe yes. Going to be highly unlikely to get one but I’d be shocked if you can’t flip whatever you get for more than $200.
  11. Update: I can't get too thin too fast here. My BMI of 28 qualifies me for the vaccine where I live.
  12. Amazing. I've cleared about a grand out of this thing and am sitting on probably $1,500 more in current moments. I have a weird goal of just collecting all the Anthony Edwards cards. Hoping his second one comes down in $$ fairly soon.
  13. Took yesterday off from peloton but was up and about all day with the boy. Gotta get the Peloton and push ups in today and I’ll be at 5/7 and 3/7 as planned.
  14. Article on $HGEN this morning on seeking alpha. Author is this guy from Twitter who seems to really know what he’s talking about (I’ve been tailing him for awhile). Will be adding more Monday if it doesn’t run away from me.
  15. It was in doubt for awhile, but made it on the Peloton for 30 minutes tonight. ✅
  16. Some Twitter gossip on $HGEN. Likely nothing, but here’s to hoping!
  17. Day off yesterday, but back on the peloton tonight for thirty ✅ Week three day 2 push-ups ✅
  18. Once again somewhat foiled by having sold covered calls. I am dumb.
  19. I do not know what these words mean
  20. @General Malaise $PLGNF! 🚀 If sitting on cash $ACND might not be a bad replacement. Market reacted negatively to their merger announcement, but floor is $10 (can just redeem for cash worst case) so not a bad place to park some $$ and hope for a bounce. I am in at $10.02.
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