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  1. JuJu, coming from a Freeman fan Bell but I get it You won the deal. Thomas easy
  2. FFPC - Team A Gave Adam Shaheen, 2019 5th Team B Gave John Ross
  3. Good deal. I’d take Cooks but it’s fair. I’d need to see the roster to fully assess the likelihood of early 1st. Not a Hunt fan but lean that way and flip Hunt.
  4. Love the 1.1 here. Reasonable value, but still a no brainer.
  5. And what if he doesn’t have “a couple 25 point weeks” to start the year? I don’t love DHenry and Robinson as enough reason to deal Brown, but I do think now is the last time you will get tip top value for him.
  6. Cooper, unless the 1st looks early? Own Drake in most leagues, own Chubb in all. Think this is a mistake dealing Chubb. I have my 3rd rookie running back neck and neck with Gordon. It would really be more about if I were competing or rebuilding, as they are legitimately next to one another in rankings.
  7. FFPC - - Team A Gave: Leonard Fournette, Sterling Shepard - Team B Gave: Derrius Guice, Ronald Jones, Will Fuller, 2019 1st (1.10-1.12) Team A is rebuilding and now has 4 1sts next year. Team B came in 2nd and likely to be in Finals again without the deal.
  8. FFPC - Team A Gave: Mike Williams, Courtland Sutton, 2019 1st (1.11/1.12) Team B Gave: Devonta Freeman, Adam Shaheen, 2019 5th, 2019 5th Team A traded his first earlier in the off-season, and is weak at RB with a lot of RB4's (Foreman, Connor, Gio, AJones). Team B won the title, and in this deal is buying back his 1st round pick, with Bell, Gordon, Drake, Chubb at RB.
  9. FFPC, both rosters stacked up. Team A Gave Christian Kirk, Ronald Jones Team B Gave Mike Williams, Ian Thomas
  10. I’m sure it happened, so not disputing it. More didn’t see it a lot. was more used to seeing 4th for 8th or 9th + 2019 1st. I had Guice and Fournette close before the injury. But i think LF will have bigger trade value come W6 then in the offseason assuming he’s healthy. Inevitably, 1-2 teams who want to compete will come knocking with a better package than that. Maybe I’m wrong. But pretty sure I’d be knocking on the door and pony up more than that if my other RBs were underperforming. And keep in mind I do really like Guice but a lost year is a lost year and to the teams in the playoff
  11. I’ll take Crowell. The guy is 25, not an aging high mileage guy.
  12. I will take Fournette. That's a cheap move to get a 260 point starter in his prime.
  13. #3 alone. Pick on the wrong side, don't ever see Trubisky scoring 23 per. Straight up should have been enough, I'll take Landry. Cobb, at least he may prove a starter some weeks.
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