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  1. Revoke, signed biggest Julio fan since 'Bama.
  2. Stashed in a few before the bye week. Honestly expected Clement to runaway with things but more impressed with Adams now two games running. He could prove a valuable starter if they give him 65%+ of the work in an offense that shouldn’t struggle to move the ball most weeks.
  3. Say hello to the RB5 in dynasty behind only Barkley, Gurley, Kamara and Zeke.
  4. The power to run through arm tackles of most mortal men. The elusively to make linebackers and DBs miss. Hyde’s been Hyde - relatively productive but nothing world beating. Going to be very difficult to not creep Chubb’s touches up. Hoping by mid year he’s a bye week flex, though luckily don’t need him to be anything this year. I’d certainly drop Miller for him even in redraft at the upside potential, to an earlier post. If Hyde goes down he’s a top 10 weekly start, exactly what dynasty owners will be looking at most weeks next year.
  5. JuJu, coming from a Freeman fan Bell but I get it You won the deal. Thomas easy
  6. I’m surprised there are some on the Booker train. I just expected everyone be on the Royce train by now, my mistake. I think everyone will come around pretty quickly that he is the Broncos best option. Whether you then value him as a top 12 dynasty RB after he wins the job remains to be seen. But Booker really can’t hold him back. Nor can Lindsay. Bad tackling or not, he has made plays - can’t knock him for that.
  7. FFPC - Team A Gave Adam Shaheen, 2019 5th Team B Gave John Ross
  8. Good deal. I’d take Cooks but it’s fair. I’d need to see the roster to fully assess the likelihood of early 1st. Not a Hunt fan but lean that way and flip Hunt.
  9. Love the 1.1 here. Reasonable value, but still a no brainer.
  10. And what if he doesn’t have “a couple 25 point weeks” to start the year? I don’t love DHenry and Robinson as enough reason to deal Brown, but I do think now is the last time you will get tip top value for him.
  11. Doing my bi-weekly Chubb search and came across this article that dropped Monday. Browns coach on Nick Chubb: 'Everything he does is violent'
  12. Cooper, unless the 1st looks early? Own Drake in most leagues, own Chubb in all. Think this is a mistake dealing Chubb. I have my 3rd rookie running back neck and neck with Gordon. It would really be more about if I were competing or rebuilding, as they are legitimately next to one another in rankings.
  13. FFPC - - Team A Gave: Leonard Fournette, Sterling Shepard - Team B Gave: Derrius Guice, Ronald Jones, Will Fuller, 2019 1st (1.10-1.12) Team A is rebuilding and now has 4 1sts next year. Team B came in 2nd and likely to be in Finals again without the deal.
  14. Yesterday, in FFPC which devalues QB due to the roster requirements, I received a doozy. I give Leonard Fournette I get Deshaun Watson, Marqise Lee, 2019 3rd
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