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  1. Moore is probably WR5 in next year's class for me. Chubb I like over any RBs next season, and Michel who was my 1.10 this year would probably be around the same.
  2. I will take Fournette. That's a cheap move to get a 260 point starter in his prime.
  3. #3 alone. Pick on the wrong side, don't ever see Trubisky scoring 23 per. Straight up should have been enough, I'll take Landry. Cobb, at least he may prove a starter some weeks.
  4. I picked him up cheaply (I thought so, at least) in two FFPC leagues recently, 1.5 PPR for TE. Dealing Tyrell Williams for him in one, and Kevin White for him in another. Upside is certainly there and I'm not too high on Burton long-term - feels like a transitional starter who got good money in a tight year for TE FAs.
  5. J Williams not worth more than a mid 2nd, DT not more than 1.10-1.12, and then another 2nd. I’ll take the one guy with a chance to be premier - Guice.
  6. I’m not on board with Hunt being a top talent. I like Cook and Fournette more as prospects in dynasty, as I do see Hunt regressing while the other two have strong years and more wow factor when I’m watching on Sundays (and Mondays, Thursdays). Still, I have no doubt Hunt finishes top 12 this year in PPR, and likely no lower than 10, but the other two cats finish higher. You asked about Gordon in your previous comment, I think it’s Cook over Fournette by less than 10 points and Fournette over Gordon by less than 10 points, and Gordon over Hunt by less than 5 points. PPR for me these
  7. I’m not buying it. Not buying JG as being some elite option and feel both Goodwin and Garçon are decent players but neither will be a fantasy #1, if #2. I’ll happily let you take your guy. Also don’t think Goodwin has some big dynasty value, I’d sell for early 2nd equivalent like I saw him dealt for Anthony Miller in the trade thread (or Gallup, Sutton, etc.)
  8. Sorry I wasn’t clear. To me a fantasy starter by W4 is what I meant. Happy as my RB2.
  9. Patricia relationship or not, I can’t see Blount keeping him off the field. And Abdullah? Come on. Starter by W4 and will have some big weeks. He has a dangerous QB to put him position to score.
  10. Big body Benjamin looked like a guy ready to eat with something to prove. This year I think his Floor is 60/900/5 (180 PPR), ceiling 75/1050/10 (240 PPR), midpoint 210 PPR. Pretty reasonable for cost.
  11. Not a slight at all. But the trade value and start-up value is much different between the two backs
  12. Same page. Frankly, I feel McKinnon is closer to Coleman in ability than he is Freeman.
  13. Though I get the comparison of Freeman and McKinnon both as dual threats, Freeman is much better of a between the tackles runner in my opinion. Freeman had just 1000 on the ground that year, I see McKinnon more as a 700-800 yard guy with fewer than the 11 TDs Freeman had that year too.
  14. 2019 is a fine class, just not as heavy on RBs but there are some thoroughbreds at WR.
  15. Guice was my #3 pre-injury, dips down to #6 with the lost year, with Royce, KJ, and Moore jumping him. I’d still take Guice over Penny, Sony, Jones, other WRs.
  16. 65/1000/8 - 213 PPR, add 7 points for 70 yards of end arounds for 220 PPR, 13.75 PPR PPG. Year 3 jump to 250-260 PPR.
  17. I remember a time when Michael Turner was an older rookie, behind LT, valued as a third round start-up player with him hitting the open market the following year. My, things have changed.
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